August 8, 2019

See What’s New in our Latest INX Version 5.9 Release

INX Software - What's New Version 5.9 Release

INX InControl

Progress Bar
A progress bar has been added to visually represent the workflow of an event.
Event Details
A few fields have been updated to accommodate ease of use.
Custom Fields
Greater abilities to configure fields have been added.
Impact Tab
The Impact Tab and Workflow Summary Tab have been consolidated under a new tab called Event Configuration.
Minor Enhancements
Minor enhancements have been made to Mandatory Tabs, the Equipment, Marine, and Weather Tabs, as well as the Event Search field and Injury Type Filter.
Event Notifications
The email templates for workflow notifications have been modified to include the Workflow Step Name and Status, workflow security role, and default description of workflow role. A workflow status to the Event Report Notification table has also been added (this will override the ‘minimum notifications’ status from Site details and allow for notifications to be sent at any workflow step if required).
Event User Security
An administrator page has been implemented for Event User Security, with changes impacting the Assigned Security, Bulk Change, Export, and Import Security.
Person Profile
A read-only tab has been added to the Person profile for all Security within INX InControl. Anyone with ‘read’ access to the person profile will see this information.


INX InControl Mobile

Seamlessly log in to the app using bio-metrics (i.e. facial recognition, fingerprint).
Registration Deep Link
Hostname details can now be set up as an embedded link to make the registration process easier.
Action Auto Sync
When in network connectivity actions automatically sync to and from INX InControl. This includes actions that need to be pushed to InControl and vice versa.


INX InFlight

Commercial Travel Integration
INX InFlight Version 5.9 includes new functionality to extend on the existing profile synchronisation to Serko.
Bookings Required
INX InFlight users can now export required (waitlisted) commercial flight bookings ready to be imported during the Serko Group Booking process.
Update Bookings
INX will retrieve the booking details from Serko and update the waitlisted flights to Booked, adding the PNR and Airline Reference to the booking (these flights will no longer appear as errors in Daily Activity Status).
Unresolved Bookings
There may be cases where the booking details retrieved from Serko do not match a required (waitlisted) flight booking in INX. Once the InFlight user has resolved the bookings, they can remove the entry from this page so that it no longer appears (the checkbox allows the user to include removed bookings in the search).
Audit Log
All activity between INX and Serko will be logged, including details of the person and the type of activity. Where the log is for flight bookings, the details will include the flights contained in the booking. For unresolved bookings, the audit log will include a warning, and highlight details of what couldn’t be resolved.
As part of the continued evolution of our product range and by working in partnership with our existing customers, we have successfully resolved 12 maintenance items which has in turn further optimised the INX InFlight user experience with improvements realised across a number of key areas of functionality.


INX InForm

INX InForm Rewrite (Version 6)
INX InForm has been rewritten and is now available in Version 6, which is compatible with INX Version 5.9.
New Features Now Available
All new dashboards and reporting tools
Bulk editing of task schedules
Drag and drop documents
Improved user interface design
Works in more browsers (including Google Chrome)

Security enhancements


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will an upgrade take?
This largely depends on the size of your organisation and the number of INX products you have running. A standard upgrade typically takes as little as two days but will vary based on each customer’s individual requirements.
2. Is training required?
This is completely up to you and your company. We offer a range of
training options for refresher training, new trainers, custom training or version upgrade training where we take you through the new functionality.
3. Which browsers are compatible with Version 5?
INX Version 5 is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Windows Edge.
4. How can I get started on an upgrade?
Simply speak to your account manager or contact our team here >
Where can I get more information?
Want to know more? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us >
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