June 17, 2020

People of INX: John Phillips

Meet our teams and the people behind the software. This is the People of INX Software series.

We’ve made the rounds and spoke to our teams across our Perth, Brisbane, and Canadian offices to share with you what makes our people tick and why they do what they do. 

Let’s meet John.

1. What is your role, why did you join INX, and how long have you been here?

I’m the Service Delivery Manager, where previously I was the Implementation Manager, and I’ve been here for over 6 years now. I was very keen to stay in the safety space in a consulting capacity, which INX offered and so thought it was a good fit and took the opportunity. 

2. What is a memorable client/story you’d like to share?

One of my first client trips was to Sydney to meet with one of Australia’s largest telecommunications firms, to discuss with their team their new requirements and resolve any issues with the product mobile apps; this was one month in and very exciting to be part of the resolutions team.

3. What interesting things have your job allowed you to do?

The opportunity to travel to places I normally wouldn’t have thought to go, such as remote Australia and internationally to places such as Papua New Guinea (PNG), Europe and the Americas, have been great opportunities in addition to supporting our national and international client base.

4. What’s one piece of advice that has helped you in what you do today?

Try to detach yourself from situations/issues, to take the personal side out of it and enable you to stop and take a step back to view the entire thing holistically and be objective.

“Stop and look around.”


5. Your favourite inspirational quote:

Something I like to remember when I go camping, as well as apply to daily working life is this:

“Try to leave things better than you found them.”

There’s always something you can positively influence, everyone can do their little bit. You don’t need to be in a leadership or managerial position to make a difference and impact change.


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