February 16, 2021

Are you prepared for your 2021 Emergency Evacuation Training?

Emergency situations can occur at any time, often with little or no notice. Are you current with your workplace emergency procedures?

Planning for emergencies doesn’t have to be challenging, it all comes down to good organisation. For instance, ensuring all building occupants understand what to do in an emergency and that they use common-sense processes and equipment. One example of this is an emergency management plan.

All workplaces should have an established emergency control organisation (ECO) as a part of their building safety measures. You might know these individuals that make up an ECO, as ‘Chief Warden’ and ‘Wardens’.  The primary responsibility of the ECO is to give top priority to the safety of the occupants and visitors of the site during an emergency.  The safety of lives is always prioritised over asset protection.

Get on board with good practice

Organisations want to start the year afresh with improvements to their efficiency and safety. Across February we observe a significant rise in demand for emergency safety training. You’ll find that our suite of online workplace safety courses includes three fire and emergency titles, plus a further course that is coming soon…’Emergencies in Healthcare’. These three established and popular titles cover evacuation procedures, warden roles, and fire awareness and extinguisher training. With learning content that has been co-created with subject-matter-expert Chubb, the largest publicly traded property and casualty company in the world, you can be reassured the content is of the highest quality.

Here’s a summary of what these key Emergency Evacuation courses cover:

General Evacuation Training

Designed for all occupants of a building in Australia to satisfy necessary emergency evacuation training, this course will assist with precautionary planning for emergencies in facilities and form part of an organisation’s emergency safety training.

General Evacuation Training provides an understanding of what is necessary in an emergency and evacuation plan, why evacuations occur, what happens in an emergency and what the evacuation procedures are in an evacuation. The course also explores evacuations from chemical spills, adverse weather conditions, along with active armed offender emergencies.  Learners gain knowledge and direction with:

  • Prevention and preparation planning.
  • Roles in an emergency.
  • Emergency protection and warning systems.
  • How to respond to an emergency.
  •  Actions to take.

Fire awareness and extinguisher training

This course has been designed for use in a fire safety training program and focuses on fire safety in the workplace. The course provides key learning related to fire danger fire extinguisher selection and use.

Learners are trained in:

  •  The basic characteristics of fire and the risk to life and property it poses.
  •  How to respond to a fire emergency.
  •  How to use portable fire equipment.

Warden Training

This course is for any employee who is a member of the emergency control organisation who has undertaken a warden training course. The purpose of the course is to improve the understanding of the warden’s role in the workplace, as well as preparation, prevention and readiness in order to respond safely and quickly to workplace emergencies.

The Warden Training course covers:

  • What emergencies are and how people behave in such stressful situations.
  • Emergency preparation and prevention, including the need to identify and control hazards.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the emergency control organisation (ECO).
  • Fire protection systems.
  • How to respond in the event of an active armed offender emergency.
  • How to respond safely to an emergency and assist other occupants.
  • Warden roles before, during and after an incident occurs.

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