March 12, 2021

Reschedule Multi-Leg Journeys in Less Than 30 Seconds with INX InFlight’s New Feature

Have you ever needed to rebook or update an entire journey consisting of rosters, flights and accommodation due to bad weather or a flight cancellation? 

At INX, we believe in simplifying tasks that impacts operations and personal lives. We are proud to introduce the new Journey Reschedule feature in INX InFlight 

We have been seeing examples of people being booked onto different legs of a multi-leg journey as well as flights needing to be rescheduled due to weather conditions. We have worked closely with our clients, to introduce this new functionality into our product.  

With this new feature, rebooking the entire journey for an individual or a group takes less than 30 seconds. A much-needed time-saving when it used to be at least 25 minutes previously! 

This feature transfers the bookings from a series of flights to a new journey on a different day. From these changes, InFlight automatically amends work status codes, rosters and room requirements for the new journey in its entirety.

The new function allows users to select their new flight, and based on the date chosen, only available flights will appear for selection. This removes the risk of booking a flight that is cancelled or at full capacity. Users will also see all journeys that contain the flight they are intending to book.

We have also introduced an extra layer of security: If any of the flights in a journey have an owning worksite, and the logged in user does not have any worksite security to all the owning worksites on all flights in a journey, then they will not be able to reschedule for that journey.

If you had connecting flights in the journey, the flight date on each of the connecting flights will be populated with the date specified by the user. The user can update flight numbers and check-ins, and departure and arrival times on the new flights as required. Should any of the ports in the rescheduled journey have a Minimum Layover Time configured, then the system will check the updated departure and arrival times on the new flights. For example:

Once a reschedule is made, all changes can be viewed in the ‘Rescheduled Flights History’ section which will display details of each of the affected journeys. Each flight can be expanded to show the passengers whose bookings were affected by the reschedule.

Watch the Journey Reschedule demo video, here.

To view the release notes, click here. 

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