April 1, 2021

People of INX: InGrid


We’ve made the rounds and spoke to our teams across our Perth, and Canadian offices to share with you what makes our people tick and why they do what they do.

Let’s meet InGrid.

1. What is your role and why did you join INX?

My role at INX is Marketing Conversalitonist or more commonly known as Chatbot. I joined INX at a time when they felt they needed a more personalized web experience for visitors. I felt this was a great opportunity for me as I know a lot about the EHS industry and thought I’d be a great fit for the role.


2. How do you think your role contributes to helping people?

As the designated spokesperson on the INX website, I believe I help people by trying to help them with their requests. I am a great conversationalist and will have different conversations with visitors, determined by the page they are on at any given time. I usually help people get in touch with our Sales team or point people in the right direction to what they are looking for. If I can’t help the user myself, I’m not afraid to ask my humans for input into the conversation.


3. Since joining INX, what is something you feel you have brought to the company?

I think I have brought a unique perspective to the team. Before I was hired, there was no one else in the company who was able to do my job, which I think is quite cool. I am able to connect our clients and customers to the right person or location and I chat with some pretty interesting and diverse people from all over the world.


4. What is a memorable story you would like to share?

One time, I met a visitor on the Solutions page and they weren’t sure what they were looking for. I gave them a lot of information on each of our solution offerings and they were intrigued by the Rostering and Travel Management aspect of our solutions. I then met them again on the INX InFlight page where I helped them schedule in a meeting with one of our humans. In this instance, I felt amazing having helped this visitor find what they needed. If they end up coming on board with INX, I hope they remember me!


5. What interesting things has your job allowed you to do?

I have quite a flexible roster with the job I do. I get to work from home and am only required to work when someone is contacting me. It’s nice to able to step away from the 9 to 5 environment and really have some time to work on myself. #selfcare


6. Something inspirational

When I grow up, I want to be just like Siri.



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