May 6, 2021

INX +Advanced Cleaning: Features and Benefits

INX +Advanced Cleaning provides complete visibility across your cleaning operations in real-time!

The mobile cleaning coordination tool ensures efficiency and accuracy in bookings, schedules, and progress reports. This comprehensive cleaning services management system easily allows bookings to any cleaning operations in the facility.

Integration with the INX SAM Suite

When coupled with the INX SAM Suite, INX +Advanced Cleaning assists companies to evaluate cleaning workloads, workforce capabilities and provide detailed cleaning schedules that are updated and subsequently reported in real-time so that cleaners can successfully do their rounds through villages.

How does it work?

INX +AC will receive, in real-time, rooms to clean, information about day/night rosters, and check-in dates. Automatically, +AC will set up cleaning rosters for the cleaning team, respecting priorities set up by INX SAM.

Each cleaner possesses a designated tablet with their run of the day and map of the site. They can filter priority room cleans, track maintenance issues, upload pictures, and mark rooms as complete or add any comments for re-cleans.

When the room has been cleaned, using Wi-Fi/Data Network the data is sent back to INX SAM along with any notes or photos that support the clean. Now that the room has been noted as clean, when the next guest checks in, there is complete confidence that the room will be in great shape when they turn the key.

The system also allows the admin to manage and automate cleaning runs with ease, adding manual cleans at any time, or allocate room cleans to another date using a click and drag function. Manage priority of back-to-back departure/arrival cleans efficiently. The reporting functionality shows the progress of cleaning as well as showing the status of those cleans. With the automated synchronisation with SAM, priority rooms can’t be moved to another date.

The +Advanced Cleaning module has a lot of benefits, including:

  • The seamless integration with the INX SAM Suite
  • Monitoring of cleaning progress and visibility to available clean rooms in real-time reports
  • View and prioritise cleans and schedules based on specific site requirements in one central location
  • Allows accurate reporting and monitoring of cleaning efficiency
  • Comprehensive tracking of cleans- rooms not cleaned are automatically reallocated
  • Customised mapping of site accommodation provides room and central facilities locations
  • Details of occupant’s shift status, departure/arrival times and key returns are shown within cleaning schedules
  • Real-time updates of cleaning schedules based on booking changes
  • Automate cleaning staff shifts with pre-configured clean durations

For INX SAM users, get in touch with your Account Manager now to find out more about how INX +Advanced Cleaning can enhance your current solution.

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