February 7, 2022

Max-out Moodle’s advantages with INX Software


At INX Software, we know a good thing when we see it.  Like jam in donuts, guacamole with salsa, cookies and cream, and pineapple on pizza. Okay, the latter might be taking things too far!

But, when it comes to software solutions, we know a great match when we see it. That’s why INX’s teamed up with Moodle® to integrate our workforce compliance and reporting capacity with its global online learning platform. It’s a relationship which began in 2012 and which has just been dialled up through a new, streamlined systems integration.  

Got Moodle®; need more? 

Accessed by more than 300,000,000+ users, in more than 240 countries world-wide, Moodle® is an open-source e-learning platform, which can be adapted to suit workplace training needs. It’s used by thousands of companies, including Shell, Vodaphone, Mazda, the United Nations, World Vision and the University of Cambridge, and offers a range of courses and interactive educational tools. Training administrators can upload existing content, customised materials or ask INX Learning Solutions team to build customised content for them. When integrated with INX’s InTuition, Moodle® course tracking can be taken to a whole new level – like adding a touch of chilli to your chocolate! 


Employees are able to view training records in an INX InTuition work profile and once a course is complete in Moodle®, relevant compliance, competency or procedure requirements are automatically carried over and updated in InTuition. This allows employees to track their progress and identify learning gaps, and, it enables employers to track learner programs, courses, certifications and compliance training seamlessly using INX’s dashboard. In one easy step, employers can see who in their organisation is competent and who isn’t, which can inform on who needs to do further training.  As compliance requirements relating to COVID continue to evolve, InTuition’s holistic view of staff competencies and role-based compliance, is essential to highlight training and compliance gaps for your employees and contractors alike. 

Got INX; need a learning management system? 

COVID has accelerated the need for companies to upskill their people, especially as workplace standards evolve and talent shortages hit many sectors. The United States ended the year reporting a national ‘great resignation’, with more than more than 15 million people leaving their jobs between April and November 2021. While all signs indicate Australia has avoided the same phenomenon – for now, at least – employers are bracing for future impact and focussing on employee retention. 


Workplace flexibility and professional development are more important than ever and, in an environment where remote working arrangements have become the norm, online learning management systems are critical. A system such as Moodle® can help upskill or retrain an existing workforce and demonstrate a strong commitment to professional development. A report by PwC, ‘Hope and fears’ of 32,500 workers in 2021, found more than 75% of employees were ready to learn new skills or completely re-train in 2022, and 74% saw training as a matter of personal responsibility. 

So, the ground is ripe for employers to extend their training and development activities and ensure employees are well positioned for learning, especially online. In fact, the pandemic has forever altered the workplace benefits landscape, with most changes centred around the shift to remote working and a renewed focus on employee well-being. New technologies, like learning management systems, are more available and accessible than ever, and should be a priority item in 2022. 

With software, like InTuition, to take a deep dive into workforce profiling and training needs, a learning management system will become an invaluable asset in your organisation’s technology toolkit.  

Learn more about InTuition or view Moodle® online.