COVID has turned lives upside down and, on the lighter side, will be forever remembered as the era of face masks, toilet paper shortages, mobile check-ins and working from home. Advanced technology tools have stayed ahead of the curve automating many time-consuming monitoring and compliance tasks, giving organisations the tools they need to keep their workplace COVID-safe.

In our struggle to keep people safe, the challenges for business have been huge. It has been a scramble to keep up with the wave of ever-changing policy and compliance measures, and duty of care has been challenged by the vexing issues of privacy, security and consent. Now after two years of social distancing and lockdowns, COVID infection rates are higher than ever in some parts and temporary measures put in place to protect the workforce have become permanent.

Advanced technology tools, like Sitepass from INX, have stayed ahead of the curve automating many time-consuming monitoring and compliance tasks and backing them up with robust reporting and governance for covid-safe sites. What began as a sophisticated and integrated Contractor Management System now doubles as an advanced COVID management solution giving organisations in any industry the tools they need to respond to changing requirements and keep their workplace safe.

Sitepass by INX, and advanced technology solution, is a single source of truth for COVID management. In Australia, employers and employees must comply with public health orders which requires digital forms to be submitted for compliance audits and contact tracing. In an emergency, organisations need accurate data, in real-time. Good hygiene is key but insisting that workers be vaccinated has emerged as a legal minefield.

Can employers implement mandatory vaccination? In Australia, for example, the answer is yes, but only if the directive is considered to be “lawful and reasonable” and that is determined on a case-by-case basis. In a landmark judgement at the end of last year (Dec 2021), BHP tested the process and lost. The company’s failure to consult with employees before implementing a compulsory vaccination policy was not considered “reasonable”. The Australian Fairwork Commission found that “employees were not given a genuine opportunity to express their views and to raise work health and safety issues, or to contribute to the decision-making process relating to the decision to introduce the vaccine mandate.”

Fairwork Australia recommends that employers get legal advice if they are considering making COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory. But if you have given your employees a lawful and reasonable direction then you can also ask them to provide evidence – although be aware of your privacy obligations when it comes to handling personal information.

COVID-19 screening has advantages, but privacy laws are becoming tighter in almost every jurisdiction. Sitepass by INX not only captures and verifies COVID vaccination records, it also securely stores supporting documentation giving you the power to control who can access this sensitive information.

Protecting business from the scourge of infection is not easy, particularly if your operations are widely spread, you have a highly mobile workforce, and lots of contractors and visitors coming to site. Keeping tabs on their location and health status can be tougher than herding cats….unless you have a responsive and dedicated advanced technology solution like Sitepass that will keep your site covid-safe.

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