A Guide to Calculating Your Company’s Safety ROI

InControl Guide

Ensuring a safe workforce goes beyond the well-being of your employees and contractors.
It also significantly affects your bottom line. The ultimate goal is your team’s safety on the job; ensuring your workplace health & safety software delivers a positive ROI is a prime way to reach that goal. Consider these facts:

  • Nonfatal workplace injuries in the US cost nearly $56 billion in compensation payments annually
  • Companies can save an average of $32,000 for each medically consulted injury they avoid
  • Companies that invest in a health & safety program (e.g., a SDS Management System, EHS Software) typically see a 4-6x ROI

Our guide will help you identify factors that affect your workplace’s health and safety efficacy and quantify metrics to determine the costs (both direct and indirect) associated with injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

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