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6,500+ employees
Sydney, Australia



George Weston Foods Limited is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest manufacturers employing over 6,500 people across 58 sites. George Weston Foods is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Associated British Foods plc (ABF), a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with operations across sugar, agriculture, retail, grocery and ingredients, employing over 100,000 people in 46 countries. With such large scale operations involving so many people, ensuring health and safety is managed in an efficient and effective way is a matter of priority.


As a food, ingredients and retail manufacturer, George Weston Foods must meet strict standards which are constantly governed and assessed by external bodies. Having previously used a mix of small scale business software and hard copy incident report documentation it was found that this approach:
  • Lacked structure
  • Resulted in lengthy-time delays across every stage of the process
  • Had poor reporting capabilities
  • Had poor user access and adoption
  • Offered little transparency

George Weston Foods went to market seeking a solution that was easy to use, encouraged immediate user adoption, offered extensive data and reporting capabilities and followed clear and concise workflows in line with existing
business processes.


Find out how George Weston Foods found the right solution with us by downloading their client success story

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George Weston Foods Logo showing the company name initials on the left side of the image and the company name written out fully to the right.

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