July 3, 2018

4 things you can do to Minimise Health and Safety Risks

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This post provides a summary of what we’ve found in workplace safety and mental health this June, during visits with our clients and potential clients.

Dr. Sue Bahn (Co-Founder and CEO) and Shane Herft (Business Development Manager East Coast) discuss key takeaways to bring you up to date, including what’s happened in the world of health and safety in Australia.

Increased Care for Employees

Shane: “The month of June has been great. During the month, I was fortunate to meet with some amazing organisations in Melbourne as well as in Sydney. From these meetings, a few things really stood out to me and the first one is care for their employees.

Now, more than ever is the focus on the health and wellbeing for workers. The clear message conveyed to me is that this is the number 1 concern in companies.

It was clear to me that in order to achieve a safer work environment or a better company culture that investment and change of mindset are critical. Everyone that I met with echoed this sentiment, that they must change the mindset and have to be willing to invest in their workers – and they are clearly moving toward achieving this goal”.

Now, more than ever is the focus on the health and wellbeing for workers. The clear message conveyed to me is that this is the number 1 concern in companies.

Sue: “My discussions on safety and mental health while out and about in Perth and during my visit to Melbourne, also clearly indicated that businesses are looking for solutions to help improve workplace conditions.

They are very aware that people are their biggest asset and that turnover is a significant cost to the bottom-line. I found that many organisations deeply care about their staff, but others have a way to go”.

Shane: “Overall, June was a great month, in addition to meeting with some amazing companies, I was also lucky enough to be invited as a guest to the RCSA Awards at Docklands in Melbourne. The Chandler Macleod Group were finalists in the “Excellence in Safety and Risk Management” category”.

Sue: “It is so exciting when one of our clients likes our safety and mental health solutions so much that they enter an award based on the difference it has made to their organisation.

We’re as thrilled as they are when they make the finals and ecstatic when they win, which Chandler Macleod Group did last year in the WAIO BHP Contractor Health, Safety, Environment and Community Award for using All of Me. We love that All of Me is so different, it provides an edge for clients using the solution to be recognised by their peers”.

Dr. Susanne Bahn, Director and CEO, Tap into Safety

With over 11 years’ consultancy and 9 years’ research including more than 50 published journal articles, Sue knows her way around safety in hazardous workplaces. Her specific expertise focuses on induction deafness, risk blindness and risk management. A passionate individual, Sue is on a mission to lift the safety standard across Australia and internationally. Her qualifications include a PhD (Business – Health and Safety Management), a Masters in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. In July 2017 Sue was appointed as a panel member of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Small Business Finance Advisory Panel. This appointment is an exciting opportunity to provide the Bank with valuable information on the financial and economic conditions faced by small businesses throughout Australia

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