May 22, 2020

INX Stories: Working From Home

As the Coronavirus craziness ensued and our employees here at INX Software were asked to work from home (WFH) to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone and mitigate ourselves from the potential spread, new challenges, as well as opportunities, came with the new territory – our studies and make-shift home offices at the dining table.

We look forward to slowly transition our teams and departments back into the office at our Perth headquarters, at the Canadian branch and continue to support our employees who always work remotely in Queensland and Calgary.

Hear from some of our employees about their WFH experiences, what their pros and cons are, and what learnings they’re going to take with them for the future.

Let’s hear from Jeanick, Senior Data and Analytics Consultant.

1. Have you found it easy to adjust to working from home (WFH)?
It has been totally fine adapting to the WFH shift. It’s a good thing to have an easy transition.

2. Where have you set up your designated work station?
I already had a designated desk in my bedroom, which I equipped with an extra monitor to accommodate the necessary infrastructure I need to carry out my job. It helps to have a specific work spot; it helps you to psychologically shift into work mode. It’s also a quite bright spot, with lots of natural sunlight coming in and fresh air; what a difference seeing nature outside your window makes!

3. Have you stuck to your daily morning routine before work, or has it changed?
Of course, it has changed. I don’t have to wake up early as normally, saving time and energy in the morning before I start my workday. Yet I’m sticking to a work routine with fixed hours. Being disciplined and having those boundaries helps me in not ending up doing extended hours.

4. Have you found you are more productive WFH?
Absolutely; one of the reasons is due to the nature of my role as a data and analytics consultant. Maintaining your focus and dedication is best done in a peaceful and quiet environment, which being at home has been more conducive for me, to accommodate deep thinking required for analysis and problem-solving.

5. What is something that you miss from being in the office?
I do miss the social interactions; to have coffee breaks in the kitchen and chat with others to break up your day. The access to technology which my team and I have is great and makes it easy to continue our collaborations remotely.

6. Now that we look forward to slowly integrate back into an office work routine, what is something that you’ve learned from WFH that you’d like to take with you for the future?
Given the ability to properly focus, you can fit a lot of work in those eight hours without going over time and to achieve what you set out. Having the right set-up, both in your workspace and mentally, with minimal disruptions, you can achieve a lot. Because of this you can get a better sense of work-life balance, and enable people to work from home on a part-time basis, which reinforces two of our company values – these being trust and accountability.


Watch this space for more WFH stories from our INX teams.



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