May 27, 2020

INX Stories: Adapting to Work From Home (WFH)

As the Coronavirus craziness ensued and our employees here at INX Software were asked to work from home (WFH) to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone and mitigate ourselves from the potential spread, new challenges, as well as opportunities, came with the new territory – our studies and make-shift home offices at the dining table.

We look forward to slowly transition our teams and departments back into the office at our Perth headquarters, at the Canadian branch and continue to support our employees who always work remotely in Queensland and Calgary.

Hear from some of our employees about their WFH experiences, what their pros and cons are, and what learnings they’re going to take with them for the future.

Let’s hear from Ric, Learning Solutions Manager.

1. Have you found it easy to adjust to working from home (WFH)?
I’ve been used to working from home for a while on a regular basis, so the transition was quite smooth.

2. Where have you set up your designated work station?
Having had to work from home previously, I’ve had a designated workspace. Yet as both my wife and I have been required to work from home, we share the space by swapping who works in the home office and who works at the dining table.

3. Have you stuck to your daily morning routine before work, or has it changed?
My routine has changed, mainly around start and finish times. I’ve found I’m usually starting my day much earlier at around 7am and finishing around 6pm. It can be quite easy to do longer days whilst WFH, yet it also gives me the opportunity to take varied breaks and do different activities during that time, instead of just making a tea or walking around the block as normally when at the office I can get some stuff done around the house to break up my day. You create a new routine and stick to it.

4. Have you found you are more productive WFH?
Quite a lot more productive, both work-wise and generally home-wise, motivated to get ‘home jobs’ done that I’ve been putting off. This enables me to not be stuck in the home office in front of the computer all the time.

5. What is something that you miss from being in the office?
I am keen to get back into the office and see my colleagues and not be locked in at home anymore. The ability to generally interact with others is something that I’ve missed. Something that I haven’t missed is the getting ready in the morning and commute, so much time is lost dedicated to it every day. WFH is great in that regards, as you are able to be flexible without it affecting your service delivery and productivity.

6. Now that we look forward to slowly integrate back into an office work routine, what is something that you’ve learned from WFH that you’d like to take with you for the future?
The key thing I’d reinforce is the need to take regular breaks and stretch your legs, both at the office and your home office.


Watch this space for more WFH stories from our INX teams.


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