July 6, 2020

Tech of Tomorrow: The New Normal

The world is certainly a different place in the last few months. No doubt many businesses and organizations, like us, have had to pivot from current plans and re-adjust in preparation for the situation of constant, unpredictable change that is now the norm in areas of the business world.

What is the ‘New Normal’?

At the height of the global pandemic, we were actively focused on enabling business continuity for our clients. We continued working with our clients daily, updating and reconfiguring workflows within our EHS solutions to ensure our clients can dynamically manage the safety of their employees and contractors within the confines of new social distancing rules and other health and safety measures they have put in place.

At INX Software, we have made a conscious decision to maintain a level of customer service agility in supporting our clients. It is very important to us that we are aligned with our clients’ endeavors in transitioning into the new world of managing a partially remote workforce and essential workers who are still required to be physically present on site.

Technology Transforming the way we Work

Lessons learned from recent times must be incorporated into ongoing business and operational planning. The focus on contractor safety and contractor management will grow in prominence as companies require flexibility in response to current uncertain market conditions. Priorities relating to managing compliance, regulations, and working conditions will come to the forefront again as companies seek to onboard staff and contractors with greater efficiency and with more control over permits and skills and resourcing start-ups and shutdowns.

It is an unfortunate truth that the pandemic has been the catalyst for digital transformation in many companies and industries. According to McKinsey & Company (April 2020), businesses should take the time now to access their overall digital strategies with investments prioritized for those that would drive immediate or near-term positive impact on employees, clients, and stakeholders. Technologies supporting a safe and remote workforce such as video conferencing facilities and cybersecurity are no doubt the frontrunners, so why not EHS solutions that can help automate and standardize operations as well?

Future Product Roadmaps

Coinciding with the slow-down of COVID-19 infection rates is the fresh beginning of a new financial year here in Australia. I am cautiously optimistic as we embark on our journey toward economic recovery. The crisis has taught us all a lesson in resilience, and I would like to think we have demonstrated our ability to react to the rapidly changing global situation.

We have pushed ahead with our product development and I am pleased to share that there are some exciting new product releases that are just on the horizon. We are in prime position to help re-assess and augment your EHS processes in line with your business requirements.

If there is anything, we at INX Software can help with, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Stay safe and I look forward to furthering our partnership into the future.

– Basil Lenzo

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