August 12, 2020

People of INX: Nelson Goh

Meet our teams and the people behind the software. This is the People of INX Software series.

We’ve made the rounds and spoke to our teams across our Perth, Brisbane, and Canadian offices to share with you what makes our people tick and why they do what they do.

Let’s meet Nelson.

1. What is your role, why did you join INX, and how long have you been here?

I am a Data & Analytics Consultant, a member of the newly formed Data & Analytics Team. I joined in September 2019 and I heard about the vacancy through a former colleague. Given my background with IT and having worked in the HSE space for the last 10 years, I applied feeling it was a good fit. My initial impressions of the INX Team from my interview left a good and lasting impression. To this day, I still feel the same positivity and motivation since my interview.

2. What is a memorable customer/story you’d like to share?

A customer had a support ticket sitting in the support queue for nearly a year. During that time, it was handed around between departments without anyone actually having a look at it, eventually landing in my lap. With a little time and attention, the customer went from close to going postal to satisfied and jovial. For me, this highlighted precisely the areas of improvement we as a team had to focus on; time and attention in all that we do both with each other and with our clients. We as a team must take the time and pay attention when collaborating rather than handballing, truly communicating as opposed to vague instructions and passive-aggressive gestures. Nothing particularly noteworthy or memorable, just something which I thought perfectly painted our state as a team.

3. What interesting things have your job allowed you to do?

The Data & Analytics Team is a newly minted team with very specific objectives, and I think if we hit our goals, this will propel INX to be the industry leader in the HSE space. Developing our business intelligence (BI) module is our primary objective and each member of the team has been tasked with a specific task to achieve. Mine is automating deployments and it is something I find incredibly fascinating and rewarding. So basically, it is removing human effort required to deploy/update our BI solution, this way we save time with installations and updates and improve the accuracy and consistency with each instance.

4. What’s one piece of advice that has helped you in what you do today?

Perfection is a lot of little things done right. To me, that means we all have a role to play, and every day we have tasks to do. Take the time and pay attention to your daily tasks and complete each one with diligence. Little by little as we build towards our vision, overtime the whole picture will being to take shape – the final result will be perfection.

5. Your favorite inspirational quote:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

You must conduct yourself in a manner that agrees with your own ideals – don’t lie to yourself. Ask yourself, what you would like to change in your lifetime and then conduct yourself in a manner to fix that problem.

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