August 28, 2020

Safety Starts with the Individual

Back in 2010, I made a decision to become a member of the Western Australian State Emergency Service, a volunteer organisation that assists the community in land and air searches, storm damage operations, flood relief, cliff and cave rescue, and cyclone and earthquake operations.

In a flash, I went from my first induction to being strapped onto a roof safety system in the middle of the night in severe weather conditions. From the countless hours I spent training for the role, I am constantly reminded that safety is everyone’s responsibility, but it can only begin with the individual.

Through my volunteering experience, I’ve established that most risks were unavoidable but felt I could count on myself as well as my team for support and protection. It’s experiences like this that keeps me mindful of precautions necessary when conducting my role at INX. We ensure that high-risk industries such as the Mining, Oil and Gas have the correct tools and solutions to plan for these unavoidable risks.

Statistics taken from Laws on Legal, show that from 2017 to March 2020, there have been approximately 550 fatal injuries on industrial sites. Along with the risk to a worker’s life also comes the costs that are associated with these incidents. According to the National Safety Council, the average amount for an average work-related injury is $38,000 with the indirect cost being 4 times this amount. This would mean that the revenue required to offset this loss of $150,000 would be almost $1.9million. This money can be better utilised to prevent the risk from happening in the first place, whilst protecting your employees.

When it comes to safety and risk management, it’s important that a proactive approach is taken to reduce the possibility of an incident occurring. Whether it’s managing a day visitor to your office or hundreds of workers mobilising to site for a planned shutdown, the imperative is to ensure that everyone has the correct training to be competent and compliant to safely perform the role that is expected of them for the sake of themselves, their work colleagues, family and friends, and the business. By establishing action plans for possible risks and consistently managing your employees’ competencies and compliances, this unavoidable risk can be reduced, making a safer and more efficient work environment.

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