October 6, 2020

Austmine METS Tech Talk: Iain McFall talks INX Assessor

In the recent Austmine METS Tech Talk series about the training methods and technologies used to empower workforces, Iain McFall, Portfolio Manager, had the opportunity to showcase the features and benefits of our new INX Assessor App.

It’s crazy to think that so many companies are still using paper-based forms today. There are inherent risks and uncertainties presented by the circumstance of transporting forms to and from site, ensuring the correct employees fill out the forms appropriately and they do not become damaged. This system has a lot of delays, limited insight, and visibility and reduces productivity levels.

Moving to digital assessment management has a lot of benefits to them than paper-based forms which include:

  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks such as scanning and filing paper forms
  • Speed up assessment review and approval with in-built workflows
  • Enhance collaboration and efficiencies
  • High visibility across the assessment process
  • Increase process consistency and compliance
  • Full integration with INX InTuition and the rest of the INX Suite

We’ve listened to our clients’ needs and developed our new INX Assessor App which we saw as the most efficient way for Assessors to overcome the common, unnecessary challenges of managing assessments in the field. The main features of our product include:

  • Secure, cloud solution accessible from anywhere on any device
  • Self-service assessment form template design and management
  • Record assessment observations and results, online or offline, on iOS and Android devices
  • Seamless integration with INX InTuition to update Trainee’s competencies and attach evidence

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