INX, as a company, has seen a lot of changes this year, both in the way we operate as well as our business structure. With the unfortunate events over the last 6 months, it has provided INX with an opportunity to invest in product transformation and adapt to meet new market demands and trends.

In the best way possible, this year has really tested us. We’ve been faced with new challenges and uncertainties and learned new things about ourselves. Being put in a position of leading a team of people through a time when I wasn’t even sure what tomorrow would bring, enabled me to work with the business and our key clients in finding new ways to do things. Throughout it all, my main priority was to keep my team safe and ensure we were working to keep our clients adapting to the new world that we were all experiencing. I believe that we, as a company, have come out of this year with a strengthened vision, better core values, and improved dynamics which have built a basis that will allow us to bring INX into this future state.

We currently have a lot of things in the works that I’m extremely excited about, one being our first ever EHS Solutions Showcase where we will be sharing current and upcoming developments in our solutions. We are looking at upgrading and developing a few of our key products to adapt to the current climate.

‘New Foundations’ is the strategic theme we have insight for the year. This year pushed us to look at new ways of doing our job where we could support and adapt to the new normal of the industry. We built new foundations that predominantly focus on positioning INX to be able to deliver the next generation of EHS solutions built on the latest tech platform. For us, transforming our platform has always been something to strive towards and we are finally seeing this come to action. Redesigning our solutions have allowed for more agility in the way we add new features and makes deployment to customers a lot easier and efficient.

I believe INX is on the path to a bright future and I can’t wait to see the outcomes of this next year. We thank you all for your continued support and loyalty, and I look forward to furthering our partnership into the future.


Basil Lenzo

Chief Executive Officer   

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