November 25, 2020

Did You Know You Can Book Commercial Travel with INX InFlight?

commercial travel bookings

With the ease of domestic travel restrictions in Australia and New-Zealand, having the InFlight Solution makes it easier to book commercial travel all in one place.

The InFlight Commercial Travel functionality automates and simplifies the booking of commercial travel through an integration with Serko. It incorporates access to the Global Distribution System (GDS), enabling your company and travel agencies to access data and transactions with travel industry providers such as airlines. You can access hotel, flight and car rental information, and create a booking for these travel requirements from InFlight.

INX InFlight Commercial Travel Integration allows travel Administrators to book hundreds of commercial flights simultaneously using an Excel-based import template which is extracted from InFlight utilising the waitlisted status for the booking on the flight.  Once this has been uploaded through Serko Online, all matching bookings will automatically update the Waitlisted status to Booked and the Airline Reference (PNR) will also be updated.

All the booking details and notifications received by the Travel Management Service (sent by Serko) will display, including Group and individual bookings and they will be available on a person’s profile.

The summary includes the PNR which uniquely identifies bookings, along with the status returned from Serko – Authorised, Ticketed, Completed and Cancelled.

The system will also flag with a warning icon and colours for any unresolved booking, such as an unknown traveler, unknown booking or flight mismatch, helping travel administrators to quickly visualise and resolve any issues. Of course, User Security applies, and results will filter based on the Company Level assigned.

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