November 27, 2020

People of INX: Georgina Maslen

georgina maslen

We’ve made the rounds and spoke to our teams across our Perth, and Canadian offices to share with you what makes our people tick and why they do what they do.

Let’s meet Georgina.

1. What is your role and why did you join INX?

My role is as a Business Engagement Executive at INX, with a focus on building relationships with people across a variety of organisations and a pivotal drive towards first understanding their business challenges, then in achieving positive business outcomes for their organisations. Ultimately my role within the organisation is to drive business development and revenue growth across the mining, utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, and government sectors.

2. How do you think your role contributes to helping people?

I work with people across a range of different companies and industries, first in understanding their business challenges and then working with them in order to solve some of their business problems. If I can make their roles and day-to-day work lives easier through the automation of tasks and reporting with INX’s workforce software, then this contributes to not only making them happier but also contributes overall to help their business become safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

3. Since joining INX, what is something you feel you have brought to the company?

Coming into INX, I brought a diverse skill set and breadth of experience across multiple roles and industries, including a legal background. This experience in a legal context helped me in the commercial aspects of my role, as well as my passion for connecting people and solving problems across industries, which have contributed to the organisation’s growth. In the time I have been at INX, I influenced the company’s sales and marketing strategy as a true business enabler, as well as uncovering an additional new vertical focus for INX in the manufacturing sector.

4. What is one thing you have learned about yourself from working at INX?

My time working at INX has only further enhanced my fervent belief that connections and relationships are paramount to success.

5. What is a memorable story you would like to share?

Working closely with individuals, and my potential client companies is a key part of business for me, which was never clearer than with one of my favourite clients in the manufacturing space which came on board earlier this year – by the time we got the contract signed, the client joked that I had spent so much time with them that I was now a member of their team. That was a pretty special moment.

6. What interesting things has your job allowed you to do?

My job allows me to connect with many different kinds of people, across a range of different industries and different types of companies, every day.

7. What’s your favourite quote?

We are the product of how we respond to our experiences. Be the person you want to experience in the world.


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