January 21, 2021

Did You Know You Can Manage Cleaning Rosters with INX InFlight?

inx inflight cleaning rosters

Travel Administrators are required to manage travel and accommodation bookings for all remote employees and contractors. In booking these travel requirements, it’s essential that a cleaning roster is scheduled to work alongside the roster of the room’s occupant. Rooms must be cleaned often, depending on the arrival or departure of site workers, and their duration on site.

Camp Managers have the responsibility of ensuring that all rooms are cleaned for new arrivals and also when necessary. With the integration of INX InFlight, cleaning rosters can be easily implemented and managed, based on individual or site requirements. InFlight is a workforce management software that automates and centralises accommodation, travel and roster bookings with complete visibility pushed through to everyone’s phone and tablet. For contractors or short term employees, cleaning rosters can be scheduled for their arrival and departure whilst cleaning rosters for permanent residents can be tailored to their roster, with cleans placed throughout their time on site. 

With INX InFlight, cleaning can be managed through the cleaning calendar view. You can see:

  • the total number of cleans scheduled for the day, which includes clean types and total hours.
  • the clean status of all the rooms, highlighted in green when they are clean.
  • turnaround dates. For example, a new person arriving on site into a room that is being vacated on the same day.

INX Workforce Management Software will also give you the capability to:

  • rollover missed cleans (cleans that were scheduled but didn’t occur)
  • assign adhoc cleans
  • move or remove unnecessary cleans
  • change the clean type
  • add comments to clean types

InFlight is a versatile software that allows users to assign different types of cleaning (light clean, full clean or departure cleans).

Similarly, Camp Managers can map cleaning rosters to a person’s roster or decide to organise by block cleans. Through the various options available on InFlight, admin tasks for camp managers and cleaners are reduced and room cleaning can be run more efficiently.

INX InFlight is used by companies across Australia and overseas to manage rosters, transportation and rooms. Once the rosters are set up, transportation and rooms are automatically assigned, and can be manually adjusted in response to adhoc changes and employee/contractor movements. 


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