April 14, 2021

Synchronise and Follow-up on Safety Compliance with INX InControl and INX InForm

Compliance concept diagram

All jurisdictions are committed to the prevention of workplace deaths, injuries, and illness. All countries, industries and companies develop policies dealing with compliance and enforcement of workplace health and safety laws.
For the safety of your employees and co-workers, you not only need to follow these rules and laws, but you also need to be able to monitor and enforce these rules with the aim of enhancing practices and achieving sustainable compliance with workplace health and safety laws.

INX InControl helps your company to manage and adopt a proactive approach to health and safety. By adding INX InForm to your solution, you are providing your team the tools to manage obligations, stakeholders, issues, and communications in one place.

Deal with compliance issue as they arise

INX InForm integrates directly with INX InControl, you can track condition breaches, incidents, and assurance activities. When an event is entered in INX InControl, the safety officer has the option to link it to an obligation. The system will then automatically synchronise and create the event in INX InForm, giving access to your compliance team. Your compliance team can then deal with issues as they are entered. It gives your team and management complete visibility on safety compliance.

“The system provides an up to date environmental and obligations/stakeholder database solution that allows direct upload of information and reporting capabilities and the system is user-friendly for any personnel with some computing abilities. Since implementing these solutions we have significantly improved our efficiencies through automation, concentration of data management and ease of use for all of our staff.”
Kirkland Lake Gold, System Administrator

Schedule and assign tasks

INX InForm allows granted personnel to create, schedule and assign tasks to individuals with set completion dates. When tasks aren’t completed by the deadline, it will be escalated to the relevant manager. This means that the right people will have access to the right information at the right time. If any timely actions need to be carried out, the system will notify the right person. There is less time spent in administration, paperwork and even worse, information lost. Using static spreadsheets and emails to communicate compliance puts your company at risk.

Static spreadsheet registers of obligations vs online register

Many companies still use static spreadsheets to register obligations and legal requirements they need to follow. Compared to spreadsheets that are static and needs updates regularly, INX InForm provides an easy-to-use online register. This register will be populated with all regulations, obligations, and conditions your company is following from day one of implementation. By having access to this register at all times, your compliance and safety team can update it regularly with any changes that are occurring in your company, industry, or country. This way, it is ensured that everyone is aware of the most recent compliance and legislative obligations. It is also easier to report on and share your compliance needs with stakeholders.

Report and communicate with your stakeholders

INX InForm uses powerful reporting and graphing tools that allow granted personnel to extract captured obligations, stakeholder information, and data to export as shareable files.
INX InForm also contains a communications register that allows users to record and classify all types of stakeholder engagement, from emails and phone calls to meetings and much more.
With the reporting capability as well as the communications register, INX InForm provides company-wide visibility across important areas such as stakeholder and obligations management, condition breaches, incidents, and assurance activities.
INX InForm is a great add-on to INX InControl and INX InViron to improve your efficiencies through automation, concentration of data management and ease of use.

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