April 21, 2021

Northern Star and Saracen Merger

engineers on construction site

The monumental merger between two of INX’s clients Northern Star and Saracen has created a single entity. The consolidation of these two companies inherently comes with challenges around the integration of business operations, the culture and the dynamics of each company. As both companies have been long-standing clients of INX Software, each with their own instances of the INX product suite, it was important for us to ensure that the integration of their separate systems into one was streamlined.

The INX team are currently working on the integration of the companies’ two instances of INX with the first steps being the determination of how both companies’ databases could be combined under two very different sets of product configurations. We are now in the process of merging the two systems so both companies can operate from the same instance of INX InControl, INX InTuition and INX InFlight.

INX InControl is our dedicated safety application that manages incidents, hazards and risks in the workplace. With these products being used across multiple sites, the company will be able to report on and track the risks and hazards that are present for both companies. INX InTuition is our training and compliance product that will provide the companies with unified and combined training across the board. This is an essential product in the merging of companies as it ensures all Saracen employees have the compliances that adhere to Northern Star’s standards. Our rostering, accommodation and travel application, INX InFlight, will assist the two companies in their travel and rostering requirements. Our team at INX has been working to ensure Northern Star and Saracen’s instances of INX are combined.

We were pleased to be able to facilitate the two companies in this merger and look forward to seeing the future of their new partnership.