June 18, 2021

Keeping Employee Compliances Updated Using INX InTuition

I’m sure I don’t have to discuss the importance of employee compliances and how they relate to the legalities of operations. They should be embedded in the DNA of your company, down to the individual employees level, and should be obtained by all employees to ensure your organization is running efficiently. 

Although serious accidents may not be commonplace for most workforces, it is important that your employees are prepared for all hazards and dangers that are present, which can be anything from trips or injuries to cyber threats. Accidents can have a devastating effect resulting in the loss of an experienced worker, either through injury or fatality, as well as legal compliance issues.  

Employees must have a clear understanding of the implications of being non-compliant in their roles as it impacts, not only them but the company as well. The main benefits of implementing a strong workplace compliance program includes preventing illegal or unethical activity, reducing the likelihood of corruption, sets specific expectations for employees, as well as increases productivity within the business. 

Having unqualified employees on the job opens your organization up to multiple risks but with INX InTuition, this risk is mitigated. Administrators, the respective employee, and their supervisor is notified of any compliances that are about to expire which ensures you can identify, manage and track potential competency gaps to ensure you’re legally compliant with rules and regulations.  

With INX InTuition,  efficiently manage staff competencies, role-based compliances and audits in an easy-to-use cloud-based solution. You can track these compliances at individual personnel levels through person profiles as well as tracking at company level through matrices and reporting tools.