June 25, 2021

Camp Optimization with INX SAM

When it comes to growing the number of personnel on site, one issue that mining firms and contractors have is that while there are rooms with a few days of vacancy at a time, these little pockets of availability are not long enough to accept new bookings. This is referred to as room availability fragmentation. The challenge becomes ensuring optimal utilization of rooms based on existing bookings in the future.

For many clients, a campsite’s accommodation, or parts of the campsite’s lodging, is run like a hotel, with no or few regular staff owning rooms. In these scenarios, the INX SAM Room Optimizer can be used to automatically reshuffle room bookings to minimize fragmentation, therefore freeing up rooms to accommodate additional bookings. Even if you have parts of your campsite accommodation that are used predominantly for staff who permanently own their rooms, you can still take advantage of the Room Optimizer for other parts of your accommodation inventory.

When reshuffling your room bookings, the Room Optimizer is mindful of your cleaning preferences and will observe any pre-configured cleaning periods.

Before Optimization:








After Optimization:








Before optimization, all rooms are occupied. However, after the optimizer has been turned on rooms 2 and 4 are completely freed up and are now available for bookings.

What makes the optimizer so fantastic is that it maximizes return on investment for accommodation within the limitations of room ownership, back-to-back rosters and cleaning capabilities. With the Optimiser, you can rest assured that you are utilizing all accommodation in the most efficient manner.

The optimizer “fills in the holes” between existing bookings. It will tend to add more bookings to rooms that have future bookings in preference to rooms that don’t. Rooms that are in use will tend to stay in use, new rooms will tend to come in and go out of service slowly which may distribute wear and tear unevenly.

The Room Shuffle features aim is to utilize spare rooms more evenly by randomly shuffling the rooms available for movable bookings so that rarely used rooms get brought into use more often. Prior to optimization, all available rooms will have all of their future bookings moved to another randomly selected room of the same room type and then optimization will continue as previously stated.

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