July 7, 2021

Engaging Employees Using Interactive Training Methods

In a 2010 study completed by IBM, over 1,500 CEOs outlined creativity as the number one influencer of their success. Having the ability to create and visualize the outcomes of their decisions kept them engaged in the work they were doing. Creativity is a clear and important factor of high-performance, and it should be addressed in training programs.  

Using interactive training methods encourages employee engagement as they can be actively involved and proactively participating in the training presented to them. It also presents an opportunity for employees to be mindful of their conscious feelings and make better decisions in the workplace. Interactive training offers instantaneous feedback as employees are required to respond to the content, they are being given which, in turn, reinforces their learning. Interactive Training can also be immersive, personalized, and can offer opportunities for micro and adaptive learning. Interactive learning has been determined as the method of learning that leads to a higher level of engagement, compared to traditional classroom learning, from its participants. Overall, interactive learning engages, motivates and stimulates employees which leads to an increase in productivity and performance.  

Here are the top ways to improve interactivity in employee training: 

  1. Feedback from Employees
    In creating training programs, one of the biggest mistakes employers make is assuming it is perfect. It never occurs to them to solicit employee feedback. The truth is that asking for feedback is one of the best ways to help current and future employees engage in training. It also keeps them involved and helps to encourage ownership of their processes. 
  2. Hands-On Approach
    Employees pay more attention and do a better job retaining the information when they are engaged in hands-on training. One of the most interactive training methods are scenario simulations.  
  3. Practical and Relevant Courses
    The best way to motivate employees to participate in training is by making every course practical and relevant. Analyze performance objectives, ask employees what they are struggling with or how they could improve, and then give them the training they need to get better at their jobs. 
  4. Make Training Convenient and Easy to Access. 
    Leverage a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that is accessible anywhere and compatible with most Android and iOS devices. This way employees get to learn whenever they want, wherever they want, using whichever device at their choosing. 
  5. Microlearning
    This is one of the best ways to motivate employees to train because it makes training quick. Employees get to consume bite-sized chunks of information exactly when they need them most. Less hassle, more engagement. 
  6. Visual over Written Content
    Studies have confirmed that visual information is better retained in long-term memory and helps improve comprehension, among other benefits. As eLearning strategies are quickly adopted in the virtual classroom, employee training can easily follow suit. Break up your educational content with images, exciting activities and interactive trivia games to make sure your slides are not filled with words alone.  

After implementing an effective training program, you’ll find that: 

  • Your employees are happier: When you use teaching strategies to engage learners, employees learn more, and when they learn more, they feel themselves growing and improving. This often makes employees better at their jobs, which earns them recognition and rewards, and provides job satisfaction. 
  • There is a reduced staff turnover: Turnover is an expensive problem, and it can be solved with motivational learning strategies. 
  • Better customer service: Motivating employees to complete training by making it fun is also a great way to improve customer service. When employees truly engage in learning, their knowledge, skills and behavior in the workplace will improve. 

With the INX Training solution, employees can be engaged using an interactive method of learning. INX +LMS provides companies the opportunity to create learning modules and courses that are tailored to their user and brand objectives. At INX, we have a team of learning professionals designated to designing engaging and interactive content that can be taken straight off the shelf or tailored towards your company’s specific needs. Each course can be easily edited and amended based on the user experience. INX Assessor allows for a more active approach to training through the use of practical field assessments to train and assess employees on their skill levels. These two solutions integrate with INX InTuition which allows the administrators to determine who is competent and who isn’t which also informs on who needs to attend training. Our training solution is an easy-to-use fully integrated system that enables your company to deliver an interactive training method to employees to actively engage them in their learning.