October 7, 2021

It’s All About The User Experience

We spoke to INX Software’s Product Designer, Georgia McKay, about her role and the User Experience within our product suite. Here’s what she had to say.


When you first joined INX, what was the product user experience like?

I was one of the first designers to join INX so you could probably infer that design wasn’t given a lot of weight or consideration before then. When I started, I could tell that the company was in a state of change, and everyone was gravitating towards the future vision for INX. This gave me a lot of opportunity to put forward my own ideas to the team which was, luckily, widely accepted.


What does User Experience look like a year on from you joining INX?

Since I joined, UX has already come so far. I feel like it’s beginning to be embedded at every stage of the process now whereas previously it was more of an afterthought. I think people are beginning to realise the value of design and how it can make their jobs a lot easier. I get involved right from the beginning, so everyone is on the same page, and I have a clear vision to work with. I’ve been fortunate that everyone’s been so open to it at INX, and it’s obviously going well as we’re looking at hiring more designers in the near future.


How have you actively influenced and changed the UX of our products?

The focus for our products has been domain-driven design, particularly for INX InViron as environmental science is highly specialised and complex – so conducting as much research as possible has enabled me to make confident decisions in my designs. In terms of my ability to make an impact, I owe it to my team who are extremely talented and collaborative. They have given me the space and trust to influence and change the products. Openness and communication are essential to design and everyone has really embraced that concept.


What value does User Experience bring to the customers?

UX isn’t just about making sure the customers receive a product they love using. By considering customers’ desires and pain points, with special consideration to the way they will be using the product in context, we can create real value. A product that has been carefully designed can yield better results for customers’ efficiency, safety, acumen, productivity, finances, creativity, and business outcomes (to name a few). At its best, UX can shape business processes and drive innovation in customers’ industries.


What value does User Experience bring to the product?

UX adds value at every stage of a product’s life, from inception and development through to adoption. When UX is embedded at the early stages, it acts as a safeguard against low-yield endeavours, tech debt, and misalignment. Well-designed products are easier and cheaper to roll out to clients because they are more intuitive and require minimal configuration. The ultimate value that UX brings to the finished product is a strong sense of cohesion, ease and simplicity of use, and perfect synergy with the customers’ needs.


In your time here, what do you think one of your biggest achievements have been?

So far, I’ve had some exciting achievements in product design. Leading the design of the INX InFlight mobile app, I had the opportunity to create a blue skies version for a major tender and pitch it to clients in Brisbane, Australia. As well as this, I’m currently working on designs for our new InViron product and the feedback so far, both within the team and from clients, has been overwhelmingly positive. When you’re searching for the most elegant solutions it’s like working through an open-ended puzzle, and then finally finding the answer that clicks into place seamlessly is the greatest feeling.