February 16, 2022

ESG Performance takes centre stage in the quest for a better world 

Companies with great principles, excellent governance and strong environmental and social outcomes are attracting investors and reaping the benefits on the bourse. 

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are viewed as key indicators of ethics and sustainability and organisations are being scrutinised for their social and environmental achievements and commitment to social responsibility.  

Investors are weighing up ESG factors when choosing where to place their money because they want to use it to promote sustainability and help make the world a better place. Companies rely on ESG to drive efficiency, mitigate risk and make their brand more attractive to stakeholders. Fund managers are looking at ESG to identify threats and opportunities that could impact a firm’s long-term sustainability. 

According to recent international surveys from PwC:

  • 83% of consumers think companies should be actively shaping ESG best practices. 
  • 86% of employees prefer to work for companies that care about the same issues they do. 
  • 79% of investors consider ESG risks and opportunities an important factor in investment decision making. 

But it is not enough to have good intentions – or even good outcomes – if you cannot track and evidence your results. 

In many jurisdictions, ESG reporting is mandatory, or heading that way, as funders, customers, regulators and other stakeholders demand greater transparency and social responsibility from the corporate world. 

A strong ESG proposition creates value and corporations are increasingly relying on technology to better execute their ESG obligations and ambitions. But data capture, analysis and reporting can add a big layer to overheads and many businesses are having to transform their operating model to deliver on sustainability goals. That is why technology leaders, like INX, have turned our focus to developing tailored business intelligence tools that take the hard work out of ESG monitoring and reporting.   

INX offers a suite of integrated software tools that cover vital ESG metrics of occupational health and safety, risk, compliance, environmental monitoring, and people, stakeholders and contractor management.  

What makes INX different is that it replaces standalone systems with a centralised platform that ensures accurate trusted information is readily available across the enterprise. But the real power comes with the speed and simplicity with which information can be compiled and analysed, and the powerful insights that emerge when data from many different sources is seamlessly integrated to provide a complete operational picture. For example: 

  • INX InControl puts health and safety data at your fingertips to streamline compliance and manage everything from hazards and incidents to audits and inspections. 
  • INX InViron is a central repository for managing environmental performance. Use it in the office and in the field to capture and report on an extensive range of environmental monitoring data across air, water, soil, climate, waste, emissions, flora and fauna, and more.  
  • INX InHealth helps protect the most important asset of your business – your people.  The easy-to-use platform enables you to effectively manage and identify health hazards, promote hygiene, monitor fitness for work, and encourage a healthy environment for staff. 
  • INX Sitepass is a complete site access and contractor management system to track and protect the safety and security of your people and assets accessing your sites, and includes enhanced COVID management capabilities. 
  • INX InForm provides a toolkit to manage obligations, stakeholders, issues and communications, create action plans and record compliance breaches. 

Tracking environmental, compliance and regulatory obligations are vital to the health and prosperity of your business.  

It has been a decade since the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) released its first guide for ESG reporting and momentum is growing. Not only are regulators instituting more stringent standards around ESG governance and reporting but consumer expect more when it comes to transparency and ethics in the products and services they buy, and the organisations they support.  

Companies with strong ESG performance show better returns, lower risks and better resiliency in a crisis.

To become a sustainable business, and achieve superior financial performance, you need to do things differently.

Talk to us about how INX can shine the spotlight on your ESG performance.