April 19, 2022

Combined might of INX Training Solution and Moodle on your side


Meet your Learning Management System (LMS) solution – INX InTuition, Moodle® LMS and INX Assessor 

Together, the pair have announced a new integration for 2022, which offers the very best of LMS worlds – the flexibility of a specialised, open-source e-learning platform, with the unrivalled integrated insights, analysis, tracking, field assessment, workforce compliance and reporting of INX training solution. 

Moodle® is used by more than 300,000,000 users in over 240 countries world-wide, including at Shell, Vodaphone, Mazda, World Vision and the University of Cambridge. 

The integration with INX Training Solution uses the industry-leading education system to deliver online inductions, courses and training. With INX Assessor, you can even test and assess your workforce in the field, taking pictures and synchronize anywhere on any device.  

Training administrators can upload existing content or prepare customised materials using the platform’s templates, including features that encourages learning and engagement, such as micro-modules, videos, quizzes, gamified elements and SCORM packages. On INX Assessor, your team can build any type of templates and forms, to catch any field assessments requirements.  

Different courses and modules can be assigned to different individuals or employee groups, for example based on a location or role, with just the click of a button or two. Once a course in complete, relevant compliance, competency or procedure requirements will automatically be carried over and updated in INX InTuition.  

Employees can view compliance details in their work profile, while training administrators can view, track and report compliance using InTuition’s dashboard and reporting system. 

While INX Training solution has been integrated with Moodle® for many years the new update in 2022 has further streamlined the relationship between the platforms. 


Learn more about INX InTuition, INX Assessor or view Moodle® online.