April 26, 2022

3 ways to improve your workforce training and competencies

Do you know if your workforce and contractors have the necessary training and competencies for their roles?

Social media is full of them – disastrous tales of underqualified or untrained employees taking extraordinary actions at work. Sometimes, it’s because people over-embellish their skills. Other times, it’s because employers underestimate the training involved in a task.

Either way, the examples highlight how critical it is to step up your people preparation in today’s work – and social media – environment. 

Any slip in staff recruitment, training, or induction oversight can result in financial costs, client dissatisfaction, reputation loss, lower quality work, and company culture damage.  

Even worse, they can result in a safety incident.   

Here are a few simple ways you can mitigate the risks, improve productivity and keep your workforce safe.

1. Define your expectations  

Clearly articulated job descriptions are key to hiring the right employee in the first place and guiding what you require and expect of each and every employee in your business. Job descriptions help set expectations, allocate tasks correctly and weed out the wrong candidates.  

Linking core company values, standards, policies, and guidelines to job descriptions ensure you provide clear expectations to your people. Adding in any accreditations and training requirements to these descriptions can also assist employees and demonstrate your commitment to compliance.

Capturing all this information electronically enables you to review and track roles easily. With INX InTuition, you can use the role status tool to assess the suitability of existing or new employees for their role based on the skills required.

2. Undertake frequent training 

If you want to step up your people prep, professional development training can improve your business outcomes and enhance employee satisfaction. A study by LinkedIn found 94% of employees would continue with their current company if their employer took a personal interest in their growth. 

In many industries, it’s not only the people who change but the tools and equipment in use. New equipment training and site inductions are essential, for both new and existing staff, as well as when new equipment, tools, and technologies are introduced. With INX Assessor, you can digitize and streamline your field assessment.  

Tracking competencies in the field is critical in some sectors to ensure staff are trained appropriately and can respond to real-life challenges and situations. Otherwise, you could face much worse than a few embarrassing images of your equipment in odd situations.  

Additional research showed those in leadership played a significant role in the team’s satisfaction and efficiency. The Gallup study established that more than 70% of team participation was directly correlated to the manager’s proficiency and involvement.   

So, managers can do much for their employees than simply providing frequent training.  

3. Track progress at all levels  

Tracking employee training is not only a record keeping and compliance necessity it can increase staff engagement, proactively identify opportunities for improvement, expose educational and experiential gaps in the company and provide a complete picture of your people prep ‘health’. 

With INX InTuition, you can use the skills, capability and needs matrices to assess training needs across your workforce and schedule required training on one screen. 

Of course, training cannot prepare employees for everything. But knowing your total hours of training investment, average results, participant engagement, training efficacy and your return on investment are great statistics to identify strengths and weaknesses within your business. 

A one-stop solution

INX has created a complete training, competencies, and compliance solution to help businesses enhance their employee training and assessment processes and protect themselves against the potential risks caused by unqualified employees. With tools like INX InTuition, INX Assessor or INX Sitepass, you can efficiently manage your workforce, visitors and contractors’ competencies and compliances.  

INX Assessor provides a digital platform to streamline the entire practical field assessment process. No more paper-based forms or ad hoc processes, INX Assessor makes training assessments easy in the field, with tick-and-flick form templates and a library of assessment forms to conduct and record assessments. 

The software not only saves time spent on administrative tasks and speeds up review and approval processes with built-in workflows, it links with comprehensive employee training systems like INX InTuition. 

INX InTuition allows you to efficiently manage staff competencies, role-based compliance and audits. It tracks simplifies course creation, securely stores information, helps report creation and tracks ISO compliance, among many other features. 

Whatever software you choose to step up your people prep, be sure to select one that keeps you on top of the issues at a glance, so they don’t turn into the next disastrous social media tale.