Visibility across employee teams to manage risks, contingencies and return-to-work.

INX InControl

How it works

We hope it will not come to that, but should an employee need to inform the workplace of a positive COVID-19 test result, they can immediately do so via the InControl mobile app.

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A notification is automatically sent to Safety or the employee’s manager, alongside the travel bookings coordinator, if INX InFlight is in use as well.

The ‘event’ stays open until a clearance letter is available and attached by the employee, and forward to mine manager for the approval to return to work.

Preparation for Return-to-Work When said employee is ready to return to work, InControl’s Return-to-Work checklist can facilitate that process. The InControl checklist developed for the COVID-19 scenario has been created from Cobhams Aviation’s requirements form and a standard questionnaire from WHO. Completing the Return-to-Work check is straightforward through mobile or a web browser.

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INX InControl

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