INX Ideas Portal

The INX Ideas portal is a private forum designed as an interactive space where our clients can post ideas, vote on other ideas and receive feedback from the INX product team.

Within the portal idea boards are divided into solution groups, so each product area has a designated community board to add to. All ideas are reviewed by the INX team and made visible to other portal users, with upvoting and response capabilities.


How do I gain access to the ideas portal?

The INX Ideas Portal is a private, secure space and access is managed by the INX team. If you would like to view and contribute to the ideas portal please select the boards you would like to join from the list below and email your request to or raise a ticket via Zendesk.

Our team will enable access for you to view the private portal and once you add your quick profile (name, email) you will be able to submit ideas and engage with other ideas within your chosen boards. All profiles and submissions will be approved by INX before going live.

What idea boards are available?

The INX Ideas Portal is comprised of multiple boards each relevant to our product streams:

Why have a new Ideas Portal?

We saw the value in the ideas being suggested to us being made viewable by other clients and users who have similar needs and suggestions and can vote on previously submitted ideas. With votes and engagement, we can see what our clients really want!

What happened to any previously submitted ideas?

We value all ideas that have been sent to us – don’t worry they did not disappear! They sit with our product teams who have consolidated them and added them into our strategic plan or their relevant new idea boards. Progress updates to these ideas are added on the relevant ideas boards by the INX team.

If you have an idea or want to see what your industry peers are suggesting request your access via

If you have any questions contact your account manager.