May 9, 2022

Never miss your flight again! Stay up-to-date with the latest changes to your roster with the NEW INX InFlight 2.0 mobile app


Discover INX’s new roster and travel mobile app! With ever-changing travel updates and restrictions, Travel Managers and Site Managers are faced with constant scheduling challenges. Workers need to be connected to the latest updates to their rosters and swing details in real-time in a mobile app.

The new INX InFlight 2.0  mobile app puts workers’ roster, itinerary, latest flight, and accommodation details for traveling to site, in the palm of their hand. The new and improved app is much more user-friendly, has a modern intuitive interface, and features a streamlined login process using SMS verification.

For all the contractors and personnel working for multiple companies or at multiple sites, these bookings now flow into one single itinerary, with alerts flagging any double bookings.

INX InFlight 2.0 roster and travel mobile app is available to all INX InFlight customers on the latest version 5.15. Upgrade today!

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To view the INX Version 5.15 release highlights doc, click here.