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Safety. Risks. Events. Reports.

A Safety Management System Offering Safety, Risks, Events and Reports

INX InControl is an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management system designed to assist organizations increase compliance and adopt a proactive approach to workplace health and safety. Manage everything from incidents to audits all in one place.

Safety & Risk Management Benefits

Cover Safety A - Z

Cover your safety spectrum with the ability to create your own event types or manage the standard events such as incidents, injuries, audits, inspections, risks, hazards and more as soon as they occur.

Safety on the go

You can ensure all employees and contractors can capture incidents, inspections, audits and complete checklists anywhere on or offline from your phone or tablet device with the InControl app.

Increase compliance

We provide you with the tools to support certification for ISO 45001, and ISO 9001 as well as other frameworks such as ISO 31000 and ISO 19600.

Stay on track

See real-time information for captured WHS incidents, injuries, audits, meetings, inspections and events. Set indicators, targets and track actuals to ensure your safety management is on track.

See safety insights at all levels

Managers and executives can have greater visibility and insight into your safety culture with the reports and graphs tools or by integrating our +BI dashboard visualization solution.

Take control over insurance costs

Manage work insurance claims and reduce your policy premiums. Provide transparency by linking these to incidents, injuries and other relevant events.

Go paperless

Forget drowning in piles of paper when trying to process incidents, audits, and injury reports. You can access the information you want when you want, to take action when it matters most.

Less hassle, more hustle

Reduce the hassle and pre-schedule audits, inspections, task observations, and safety meetings. You can also proactively schedule reports for sending so you can keep everyone in the loop, wherever you are.

Promote a Zero-Harm Culture

Support the safety culture in your organization. With an effective safety system in place, you can focus your energy on creating new policies and processes to reduce risks and mitigate incidents.

event user security

Manage risk at corporate, enterprise or operational levels

Manage risk at corporate, enterprise or operational levels with ease in the one central location, and have the ability to create and review events and link to relevant incidents.

InControl Features

Central risk register

Create and manage your own event types

Assign & track corrective actions

ICAM/TapRooT® methodology

Injury and return to work plans

Complete incidents, injuries, audits & other events

Create your own checklists

Don’t miss a beat with automatic notifications

Have visibility over your workflows

Use reporting & graphic tools to your advantage

Set up your events schedule with ease

Track your compliance progress

Manage insurance & workers compensation

Time & date stamp event reports

Available in iOS and Android

Includes custom fields for specific event types

Access your camera/gallery to attach photos

Connected to your INX Software personnel profile

Offline capabilities

Hear from some of our clients

Land Surveys

“Land Surveys takes safety, quality and environmental issues seriously. Without INX InControl, we would find it difficult to maintain our compliance against such standards.”

Andrew Clarke
HSEQ Manager

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