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inflight overview
Rotations. Travel. Accommodation.

Completely Manage employee travel, rotations and accommodations

Simplify and automate crew accommodation, rotations, cleaning and travel bookings with INX InFlight. Unlike other providers who offer functionality in only one area, we integrate all three key functions into a central system.

Scheduling & Travel Management Benefits

All-in-one schedules, travel, and accommodation

Manage everything in one place, from schedules and flights, to accommodation and housekeeping.

Built for travel administrators like you

InFlight is built for travel administrators by travel administrators, so we understand your day-to-day requirements.

Rotations made easy

Manage both schedule seed dates and employee start dates per rotation to automatically sync rosters.

Efficiently resolve reservation errors

If there are is an error when you create a reservation, it will be flagged and you will be automatically notified – so you have the time to efficiently resolve it.

Save your favorites

Save your time and frustrations by grouping your ‘favorites’ lists to complete reservations more efficiently.

Integrate with ease

Integrate with 3rd party systems so you can reduce your double-handling and boost operational efficiencies.

Be one step ahead

View your upcoming work schedule, accommodation and travel reservations anytime, anywhere with the mobile app.

Automatic date and time stamps

See your up-to-date plans with automatic time and date stamps confirming their last update.

Go with the flow

If your travel plans change, keep your family and friends up to date by sharing your details with them, to view on their own phones.

inflight room details

Simplify your travel management processes

Separate from old spreadsheets and simplify your travel management processes across all levels, from managers to employees and contractors.

InFlight Features

Create and manage your own schedules and flights

Automated reservations

Capture arrival and departure information

Set up cleaning schedules

Automatic flight and accommodation error notifications

Organize accommodations

Ready to use built-in report and graph templates

Manage rotations and multi-leg travel journeys

Multiple sites in one central database

3rd Party system integration

Traveler profile sync with Serko for commercial flight reservations

Manage emergency evacuations

View upcoming schedules and accommodation details

Easy to use, no training required

Review your flight reservation status and travel itinerary details

Offline mobile app capability

Native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows

Connected to your INX Software personnel profile

Hear from some of our clients

“We have found it to be an intuitive and straight forward solution that requires minimal training and ensures greater staff adoption from the simple and effective way we can now manage our people. We have immediately found it far easier to maintain the integrity of our data and manage the travel, accommodation and rosters for our workforce”

HR Superintendent

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