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Monitor Employee Training and Assessments

The INX +LMS software allows training managers and administrators to develop, deliver and monitor training and assessments.

An Automated Look at Employee Training


Save time and automate

INX +LMS automatically picks up information from the person profiles, online courses and competency configuration from INX InTuition to save you time and improve data accuracy.


Do it yourself with self-registration

Contractors can self-register and select induction roles configured within INX InTuition to provide direct access to personalized induction content.


New person profiles

New self-created person profiles can be validated by administrators and linked to existing INX InTuition profiles or as new records, to eliminate double entry and save time.


Award training certificates

Upon completing training and assessments, employees and contractors receive a completion certificate which is automatically attached to their INX person profile.


View version control

INX +LMS provides automated version control to track which version of procedures employees have completed, to ensure a more compliant workforce.


Automate your booking process

For every procedure created within INX InTuition, INX +LMS automatically creates courses using a standardized template which makes the procedures immediately available for review by personnel who need to view them.


Real-time training plans

Once completed, personnel training plans are automatically updated in real-time to ensure everyone has passed the latest online courses and procedures required for their role.


Integrate employee training and course management

Integrate training and course management with person profiles and let them be automatically updated for you.

+LMS Features


Course completion certificates


Personalized training plans


Set pass/fail scores


Procedure reviews


Real-time notifications


Integrate with INX InTuition


Deliver online training & induction courses

Powering teams of all sizes

OZ Minerals

“We have noticed an improvement in the quality of event information being reported and the speed in which people are closing out events and actions. With the integration functionality through INX InTuition and INX +LMS, our online training is now very streamlined, making it a simple process for our site administrators to assess whether someone is compliant or not.”

System Administrator

Manage and track competencies, compliances and procedures

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