INX Assessor FAQ

You can find here answers to most INX Assessor Questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact INX Support

The new INX Assessor App is designed to completely digitize and overcome the common challenges of managing practical assessments in the field. The solution enables better management and visibility of practical assessments onsite whilst also reducing the time spent on administrative tasks such as scanning or filing paper forms. Discover more HERE.

Assessor is focused on three main groups of users:

  1. Your Assessors who use the mobile app to digitally record the observations and results of practical assessments in the field,
  2. Your Training Administrators who can create and manage your library of assessment form templates,
  3. Your Site or Team Managers who can review and approve completed assessments.

Yes, INX Assessor integrates directly with INX InTuition.

  • Your list of active Person profiles from INX InTuition is available to identify the Trainee when conducting an assessment,
  • The results of all approved practical assessments will be reflected in the trainee’s Person profile in INX InTuition. It will show the relevant Competency status and attach a PDF version of the completed assessment form.

Yes, you can. INX Assessor allows you to manage your library of assessment form templates. Login and find the Quick reference guide with all the steps to create your form on the customer portal here.

The web app is focused on your training administrator to manage the library of assessment form templates and your site managers to review and approve completed assessments. The web app cannot be used to conduct assessments.

The mobile app is designed specifically for your Assessors to access the library of assessment form templates and conduct assessments in the field. Managing your templates and approvals cannot be done on the mobile app.

You can download the mobile app from Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for IOS devices.

You will need your Tenant Name, Tenant Code and login details. These can be provided by your system administrator.

Yes. The mobile app is designed to work seamlessly if your device is online or offline.

Please contact your administrator to set up a login and password for INX Assessor.

You can reset your password using the Forgot Password feature on the web app login page.

When you submit the form, select their name from the Workplace Manager list and the assessment will be sent to them for approval when the assessment is completed.  

Yes, contact us for a demo or for a free trial.