Ensure you’re on the latest INX version for a cleaner, faster, and easy-to-use experience to manage your day-to-day workforce tasks in the most productive way possible.

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Check out our process below to find out how you can upgrade your system.

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Version Upgrade Process

version upgrade 1

Test Upgrade

An upgrade from your existing version to the latest INX version will take place on a test environment to ensure that there are no unexpected business interruptions.

version upgrade 2

Upgrade Training (optional)

Upgrade training is optional and can be done at either our office or yours. The duration of this training will depend on how many versions behind the current one you are. We use this training session to go through all the new features in detail and provide the opportunity to ask about any general questions you may have about other parts of the system to get you up to speed. This is also a good opportunity to train new users and administrators in your team who have joined since the last training.

version upgrade 3

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Once you have been trained on how all the new features work, you can go through them on your test environment to make sure they are working as you would expect before progressing to the production upgrade.

version upgrade 4

Production Upgrade

When you’re happy with everything you have seen in your test environment we will schedule an upgrade to your production environment. This generally requires a short outage so we work with you to ensure we select a time that has the least impact on your business.

version upgrades inx

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