COVID Management

Succeed in your COVID management plan with Sitepass by INX

Sitepass by INX is the platform of choice for organisations navigating COVID restrictions in their workplace.

After 2 years of social distancing and lockdowns, temporary measures put in place to protect your workplace have become permanent. COVID-19 compliance protocols change regularly according to the volume of cases and workplaces must navigate these changes.

Sitepass by INX’s COVID management solutions equip and empower organisations across any industry with the tools they need to manage the changing requirements to keep their workplace safe. From the capture of vaccination and test results, alerts, and communications through to workplace re-entry, Sitepass by INX is your end-to-end solution for COVID management.

Manage COVID restrictions in one place

Sitepass by INX is a platform that enables you to monitor the safety of everyone across your entire organisation. Securely capture and verify COVID-19 vaccination records and tests, manage who is entering your workplace, effectively communicate changes to business operations, and track overall compliance with the comprehensive data captured using the dashboard and reporting tools.

Sitepass by INX’s COVID management solution includes:

Capture vaccination evidence

Capture and verify COVID vaccination records, store supporting documentation and control who can access this sensitive information.

Contactless check-in

Seamless way for staff, visitors, and contractors to check-in and out using a kiosk or QR code. Monitor who is on site, how long they have been there and if they are safe.

Workplace re-entry

Manage workplace re-entry by delivering training, policy changes and controlling access.

Social distancing

Control social distancing with visitor limits and attendance reports.

Pre-register and induct

Pre-register and deliver induction training to provide approval for personnel to enter your site, and deny access to those who have not meet the site requirements.

Comprehensive reporting

Use the data captured to make business decisions. All data is displayed in detailed dashboards and reporting. Sitepass by INX is your single source of truth for COVID management.

Alerts and messages

Communicate changes in business operations and lock downs immediately, via any device with emails and SMS alerts.

Verified data

Provide organisations with an up-to-date central register of all contractors, staff and visitors, as well as their contact details and vaccination status.

How we manage COVID Restrictions

The success of an organisations response to COVID restrictions is often credited to significant changes in these areas.


Allow access based on data you can trust!

Thorough tracking of personnel approval to work ‘status’, vaccination and test results is critical in navigating restrictions. Within the solution, each worker has access to upload supporting documentation to their profile which is then verified before they are approved to go on site. This process increases data accuracy and saves time reducing common human errors prone to paper-based systems.

Robust visitor management plans that work for you

With digital forms, QR codes and kiosks available for workers without phones, Sitepass by INX provides tools that can track who is on site, limit the number of people in one space, providing real-time monitoring and reporting.

Robust visitor management plans that work for you.

How do you alert your workers efficiently and at short notice?

Rapid changes in business processes due to lockdowns was one of the most significant business challenges of the pandemic.

Typically, organisations are using multiple systems to manage their staff, contractors and visitors or are using spreadsheets to record and capture their contact information.

A workforce management system, such as Sitepass by INX, provides organisations with an up-to-date central register of all contractors, staff and visitors, as well as their site access, contact information and a tool to easily send communications with.

With the solution, managers can send custom messages to an entire site from any device, communicate changes in business operations and/or lockdown announcements with emails and SMS alerts. Sitepass by INX records each sent communication against the recipient user’s profile, giving reassurance to the sender that the message has been delivered and keeping a record of communications for audit purposes.

What you need to know and how we can help

COVID-19 compliance protocols change regularly and from state to state, but one thing is clear, businesses need to be prepared for workplace re-entry. So how can employers effectively manage changing government restrictions and compliances as well as the requesting and reporting of their workforce and of vaccinations?

Transform your workforce compliance with Sitepass today.

Managing everyone’s safety just got easier.