Manage and track competencies, compliances and procedures
Employee Management and Training

Manage and track employee competencies, compliances and procedures.

A holistic view of staff competencies, role-based compliance, and audit results in one highly-configurable people management solution that provides a skills matrix highlighting training and compliance gaps for your employees and contractors.

Employee Training Management Features

Manage skills and competencies via skill matrix

Analyze training needs on individual, department and company levels

Publish off-the-shelf or purchased training content

Automated notification workflows and escalation by role or job function

“We have noticed an improvement in the quality of event information being reported and the speed in which people are closing out events and actions. With the integration functionality through INX InTuition and INX +LMS, our online training is now very streamlined, making it a simple process for our site administrators to assess whether someone is compliant or not.”

System Administrator

INX InTuition

INX InTuition

Reduce your training costs, simplify course management and ensure both your employees and contractors are compliant.


Develop, deliver and monitor training through SCORM compliant online courses which are automatically updated in INX InTuition upon course completion.

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