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"Since implementing INX Software, we have noticed a vast improvement in visibility over incidents and investigations and a greater ability to manage health and safety in a more standardised and simplified manner."


Consolidated Minerals (Consmin) is a leading manganese ore producer with mining operations in Australia and Ghana. Their principal activities are the exploration, mining, processing and sale of manganese ore. With operations taking place in multiple locations and a need to manage over 400 employees and contractors, the ability to ensure safety in a flexible and simplified manner is of vital importance.


Having previously used a myriad of spreadsheets containing registers, key performance indicators (KPIs) and statistics, in conjunction with a software system, it was found that this approach resulted in; 

  1. Poor reporting facilities and abilities;
  2. Poor escalation of items to superiors;
  3. Lack of notification relevant personnel;
  4. Lack of intuitiveness resulting in user frustration;
  5. Shortage of functionality to meet requirements.

A new integrated solution which could ensure fit-for-purpose and flexibility was sought. Given the time and money invested in implementing such a system, Consmin wanted assurance that the new solution would meet all current and future needs. It had to be intuitive to encourage immediate usability by staff, offer the flexibility to integrate with existing business practices, and deliver high level and extensive reporting.

Finding the Right Solution

INX Software was selected by Consmin for its extensive range of workforce and business functionality, integrated nature and flexibility in user configuration to meet the growing and ever changing nature of the organisation and industry as a whole. INX Software is a proven solution that is used by over 250 organisations both in Australia and overseas to manage more than 750,000 people across a range of industries including mining, oil & gas, marine, aviation, communications, utilities, and government.

The INX InControl product offers convenience, scale and configurability in managing health, safety, environment and risk. On top of managing standard OHS incidents, injuries and risks, INX InControl also encourages the management of proactive events such as inspections, audits and assessments, all of which can be carried out using the supporting INX InControl mobile application. As an end-to-end solution, users have the ability to create and submit any event type; manage return to work
programs and workers compensation; access procedure libraries; ensure people compliances; and submit and track corrective actions.

The solution works around the organisation’s structure to ensure notifications and escalations are pushed to the appropriate people at the appropriate times. INX InControl also integrates with existing systems so that vital information, such as exposure hours from timesheets or people information from HR and payroll systems, can be pulled across and reported on immediately.

The Result

Since implementing INX Software, Consmin has noticed a vast improvement in visibility over incidents and investigations and a greater ability to manage health and safety in a more standardised and simplified manner. The in-field updating of checklists has been highlighted as a standout benefit through improved auditing and inspection regimes. The combination of INX InControl (health, safety, risks and events) and INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) (drill down enabled dashboard reporting) has allowed for simpler tracking of trends and statistics which have ensured greater management control and understanding and has resulted in improved proactive management through policies, training and procedures. 

Consmin is now running seven INX Software products including INX InFlight (travel, flight, roster and accommodation management), INX InTuition (skills, training, competencies and compliance management), INX InViron (obligations, stakeholder and environmental management), INX InHealth (medical surveillance, fitness for work and health management) and INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) (comprehensive dashboard reporting).

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