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"We would definitely recommend INX InViron to others, the ease of data management which it has offered means that we have more time to concentrate on things such as environmental education and environmental improvement projects which often took a back seat to monitoring and data compliance. Very little time is now spent on data crunching and data management. With INX Software also being a local company meant that implementation was easier and they are always there to offer helpful support whenever we need it."


Consolidated Minerals (Consmin) is a leading manganese ore producer with mining operations in Australia and Ghana. Their principal activities are the exploration, mining, processing and sale of manganese ore. Consolidated Minerals are one of the four largest manganese ore producers in the world by volume. 


As an operator in the highly regulated and monitored mining industry the ability to record and manage environmental data and generate required reporting is essential to Consolidated Minerals’ ongoing operational success. Consolidated Minerals recognises that it has the responsibility to conduct its business with the benefit of its stakeholders in mind. They are committed to achieving a high standard of care for the natural environment in all of its activities and seek to ensure that the company’s environmental management confirms to all the mandatory regulatory requirements and timely reporting of environmental performance. This was made challenging when relying on manual processing and documentation through Excel spreadsheets. It was found that this approach resulted in:

  1. significant time investment
  2. a huge manual effort to manage large datasets from collection points and the laboratory
  3. human errors with errors often going unnoticed
  4. tedious extraction from reporting because of the size of the data tables and manual selection from graphs
  5. difficulty in running reports for certain periods and sample locations
  6. stress when having to generate annual reporting to meet timelines and requirements

Consolidated Minerals went to market seeking a solution that would overcome these barriers and ensure greater efficiency in data capture and reporting, allow for simpler collection of information, automate processes, improve data accuracy, provide greater data control and ensure adaptability for future growth and requirements. 

Finding the Right Solution

INX Software was selected by Consolidated Minerals for its extensive range of workforce and business functionality, integrated nature and flexibility in user configuration to meet the growing and ever-changing nature of the organisation and industry as a whole. INX Software is a proven solution that is used by over 250 organisations both in Australia and overseas to manage more than 500,000 people across a range of industries including engineering, mining, government, food & beverage, transport, oil & gas, marine, aviation, communications, utilities and healthcare.

INX InViron is a browser-based, centralised solution that manages environmental data and commitments in the one location. INX InViron captures an extensive range of environmental monitoring programs across air, water, soil, climate, waste, emissions, flora and fauna, vibration and more. Environmental data can be manually or automatically entered directly, uploaded from a spreadsheet or from your laboratory with the results being validated against set thresholds to ensure that any exceedances are highlighted and relevant people are automatically notified. Key features include the management of tasks and schedules, the setting of thresholds and tolerances through simple value settings to generate exceedance alerts, automatically maintained audit trails, advanced security measures and reporting and graphing tools. INX InViron can also be used in conjunction with INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) to generate high level, drill down enabled dashboards for senior management to ensure maximum operational awareness and control.

The Result

Since implementing INX InViron, Consolidated Minerals have noticed immediate improvements in the following areas:

  1. simplifying the data upload process
  2. automatic uploading of data from the lab to the system
  3. no tedious manual data crunching
  4. data validation checks to ensure data accuracy
  5. elimination of human error
  6. ability to easily generated required reports
  7. the creation of custom reports so that when annual reports are required they are there in the exact format required for submission
  8. user-friendly and intuitive nature of the solution means less troubleshooting and more time for other projects

Consmin is now running several INX Software products including INX InViron (obligations, stakeholder and environmental management), INX InControl (health, safety, events and  risk management), INX InFlight (travel, flight, roster and accommodation management), INX InTuition (skills, training, competencies and compliance management), INX InHealth (medical surveillance, fitness for work and health management) and INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) (comprehensive dashboard reporting).

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