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"We wanted a solution that could adapt to the ever changing climates of our business. INX provided this along with providing greater transparency across the company. We have a higher level of events now being reported and have accountability and visibility around corrective actions. We were able to disregard Excel spreadsheets for reporting and replace these with the interactive INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) dashboards to give us the knowledge and access of operations that we had long desired. This has resulted in greater control and reduced risk in our business."


George Weston Foods Limited is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest manufacturers employing over 6,500 people across 58 sites. George Weston Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Associated British Foods plc (ABF), a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with operations across sugar, agriculture, retail, grocery and ingredients, employing over 100,000 people in 46 countries. With such large scale operations involving so many people, ensuring health and safety is managed in an efficient and effective way is a matter of priority.


As a food, ingredients and retail manufacturer, George Weston Foods must meet strict standards which are constantly governed and assessed by external bodies. Having previously used a mix of small scale business software and hard copy incident report documentation it was found that this approach:

  1. Lacked structure;
  2. Resulted in lengthy time delays across every stage of the process;
  3. Had poor reporting capabilities;
  4. Had poor user access and adoption;
  5. Offered little transparency.

George Weston Foods went to market seeking a solution that was easy to use, encouraged immediate user adoption, offered extensive data and reporting capabilities and followed clear and concise workflows in line with existing business processes.

Finding the Right Solution

INX Software was selected by George Weston Foods for its extensive range of workforce and business functionality, integrated nature and flexibility in user configuration to meet the growing and ever changing nature of the organisation and industry as a whole. INX Software is a proven solution that is used by over 250 organisations both in Australia and overseas to manage more than 500,000 people across a range of industries including food & beverage, transport, mining, oil & gas, marine, aviation, communications, utilities, healthcare, and government.

The INX InControl product offers convenience, scale and configurability in managing health, safety, environment and risk. On top of managing standard OHS incidents, injuries and risks, INX InControl also encourages the management of proactive events such as inspections, audits and assessments, all of which can be carried out using the supporting INX InControl Mobile application. As an end-to-end solution, users have the ability to create, submit and report any event type; manage return to work programs and workers compensation; access procedure libraries; ensure people compliances; and submit and track corrective actions.

The supporting INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) dashboard plugin provides George Weston Foods with high level reporting through drill-down graphs and data to assist with decision making and operational awareness. The INX eLearning package has also been implemented to encourage user interaction and system adoption as an online self-paced, interactive training solution for the use of INX InControl.

The INX solution works around the organisation’s structure to ensure notifications and escalations are pushed to the appropriate people at the appropriate times. INX Software also integrates with existing systems so that vital information, such as exposure hours from timesheets or people information from HR and payroll systems, can be pulled across and reported on immediately. 

The Result

Since INX Software was implemented, George Weston Foods has noticed an immediate improvement in the reporting of events and incidents across the business which has provided greater accountability, transparency and visibility over operations. By providing employees and stakeholders with a solution that allows for simple reporting of information, management are empowered with more information to affect decision making which in turn has helped reduce the overall risk within the business. The combination of INX InControl (health, safety, risks and events) and INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) (drill down enabled dashboard reporting) will allow George Weston Foods to continually track trends, statistics and information across all operations providing greater managerial control. This ensures George Weston Foods will continue to operate as one of Australia’s leading manufacturing companies in a safe and sustainable manner.

6, 500+ employees
Food & Beverage, Manufacturing
Sydney - Head Office
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