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"After assessing a number of solutions on the market for both environmental monitoring and obligations and community/stakeholder management, we found INX Software’s INX InViron and INX InForm to be the perfect fit for us. The system provides an up to date environmental and obligations/stakeholder database solution that allows direct upload of information and reporting capabilities and the system is user-friendly for any personnel with some computing abilities. Since implementing these solutions we have significantly improved our efficiencies through automation, centralisation of data management and ease of use for all of our staff."


Having completed a transformational merger with Crocodile Gold in July 2015, Newmarket Gold has become a top 20 listed Canadian gold mining company. Newmarket Gold prioritises sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout every level of their business with a key focus on the community, environment and safety;


Maintaining appropriate and effective communication with landholders, people of country and other stakeholders who may be directly affected by their operations.


Continual development and implementation of rehabilitation strategies to enhance sustainability practices.


Commitment to workplace health and safety through active safety programs and the vision of zero harm to all employees, contractors and visitors.


Newmarket Gold was previously using a number of systems to manage their environmental monitoring, obligations, stakeholder and safety information.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring information from laboratories was sent through in email format with the results being collected through a Microsoft Access database and/or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. These spreadsheets were then used to produce a range of reports and graphs for monthly and quarterly reporting requirements.


The obligations information was stored in one large Microsoft Excel spreadsheet along with a number of other documents and lists.  

Stakeholder Information

Stakeholder information collected across meetings, emails, social media, phone calls, community events and internal engagement, was contained within a Microsoft Access database.


Safety, health and risk information and statistics were previously being managed in a Microsoft Access database.

Issues Faced

By relying on a number of spreadsheets, forms, databases and manual processes, Newmarket Gold found that this approach resulted in the following issues:

1. Double handling of information in order to produce graphs and tabled data
2. Manual uploading and entry of laboratory data into the database
3. Difficulty in accessing and entering data as new staff were unfamiliar with the setup and process 
4. Inability to track due dates and license requirements
5. Lack of automation and reminders
6. Difficulty in recalling all obligations for each work plan variation and license
7. Inability to update the database on site (reliance on IT to perform a ‘save’ the day before a version was uploaded) 
8. Unable to report data or upload documentation

The Search

Newmarket Gold sought a solution which would overcome these issues and ensure the following could be achieved:

- Simple upload of data for all users.
- Direct integration from the laboratory for environmental monitoring.
- Ability to upload documentation.
- Preparation and management of future tasks and communications.
- Setting of renewal dates and reminders.
- Continual alignment with ongoing needs and changes through constant updates.
- A system that could be used and integrated across all sites.

Finding the Right Solution

After reviewing a series of solutions in the market, INX InViron was selected as the environmental monitoring system which was soon followed by INX InForm as the obligations and community/stakeholder liaisons solution of choice. INX InViron allows users to capture and manage environmental data, monitoring programs, environmental incidents and lab integration whilst INX InForm allows for the management of stakeholders, community engagement, obligations and issues from the one database.

INX Software was selected by Newmarket Gold for its comprehensive workforce and environmental management solutions. INX Software is a proven solution that is used by over 250 organisations globally to manage more than 500,000 people across a range of industries including mining, engineering, government, food & beverage, transport, oil & gas, marine, aviation, communications, utilities and healthcare.

Newmarket Gold are also running the INX InControl solution for the capturing, reporting and management of OHSE incidents, audits, events and risks and implementation of controls and corrective actions; INX InTuition for the management and identification of gaps in staff competencies, compliances and procedures and resulting training; INX+LMS for the development and delivery of training and SCORM compliant assessments online; and INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) for the viewing and trending of data and statistics through a live, interactive dashboard for high level reporting.

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