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“I have used a range of other safety solutions at previous companies but have found INX to be the most intuitive, easy to use, easy to learn and effective. We have rolled INX out at our sites across New Zealand (Macraes, Reefton and Waihi), Phillippines (Didipio) and USA (Haile) as well as our corporate offices in New Zealand, Australia and Vancouver. We look forward to continuing our relationship with INX Software and further developing our processes for a more compliant and safe workplace."


OceanaGold is a global gold mining company with a strong presence in the Philippines, New Zealand and the United States.

The Company’s assets encompass its flagship operation, the Didipio Gold-Copper Mine located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. On the north island of New Zealand, the Company operates the high-grade Waihi Gold Mine. On the south island of New Zealand, OceanaGold operates the largest gold mine in the country at the Macraes Goldfield, which is made up of a series of open pit mines and the Frasers underground mine.

In the United States, OceanaGold is currently constructing the Haile Gold Mine, a top-tier asset located in South Carolina along the Carolina Slate Belt.

OceanaGold also has a significant pipeline of organic growth and exploration opportunities in the Australasia and Americas regions.


Prior to the implementation of the INX Safety solution, INX InControl, OceanaGold relied on manual safety management through Excel spreadsheets, paper-based forms, Word documents and emails. This approach was limited and raised issues around:

  • Data and information being corrupted
  • Difficulty in capturing and reporting incidents and other HSE events
  • Poor reporting
  • Difficulty in analyzing and interrogating data
  • Information being easily lost or deleted
  • Lack of consistency

As a fast-growing global company, the need for an automated, easy to use, web-based solution that could satisfy the needs of a company focused on safety and risk management became a priority.  

Finding the Right Solution

INX Software, and specifically INX InControl, was selected as the safety management solution of choice for the following main reasons:

  • Allows for fast training and learning
  • Global support to assist the smooth roll out and implementation
  • Easily adaptable to other sites
  • Intuitive design that assists with ease of use and user adoption
  • Ability to create and set mandatory field to ensure key data is captured and maintained
  • Simple analysis and reporting tools to generate information when it's needed
  • Pre-configured report templates with the ability to create your own reports and graphs 

More than just safety

In addition to INX InControl, OceanaGold has also implemented the following solutions, creating a holistic approach to workforce and environmental management;

  • INX InViron for the capture and management of environmental data, monitoring programs, environmental incidents and lab integration.
  • INX InHealth for the creation and management of health assessments, employee medicals, industrial hygiene and medical trends.
  • INX InForm for the management of stakeholders, community engagement, obligations and issues from the one database. 
  • INX InNovate for documenting the change process, foster innovation and mitigate organisational risk in a collaborative way.
  • INX +Analytics (now INX +BI) for viewing meaningful data through personalised, easy-to-use, interactive dashboards for improved understanding and decision making.

The Result

Since implementing INX InControl, OceanGold have found significant improvements in:

  • The ability to retrieve important data with ease
  • The assignment and follow up on corrective actions to ensure tasks are completed on time
  • The simplicity of data interrogation for trending purposes and improved decision making
  • General security over safety and sensitive data.

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