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Enable contractors to complete inductions and upload competency and compliance documentation before arriving on site with all evidence automatically pushing through to their personnel record in INX. 

This exciting update significantly reduces administration time and work and ensures you are working with more accurate data, much faster and with greater visibility and compliance.

Typically organisations must be able to demonstrate that contractors hold the appropriate competencies, compliance, licenses and more and this must be completed and verified before they are mobilised to site. This often sees back and forth emails and phone conversations to collect the required information which then must be reviewed, approved, logged and communicated back to the contractor before their work commences. This is often stored in spreadsheets or databases which requires large administration effort to keep current, and also lacks visibility for everyone who needs to verify the information. The consequences of being unable to verify this evidence could include hefty fines or worse. This issue is further compounded when managing these requirements for tens or hundreds of contractors at once which requires even more time and resources.

INX +LMS changes this by enabling employees and contractors to complete common mobilisation, on-boarding and pre-site visit requirements through a simple self-registration process that benefits from automation, easier checks and an overall much more efficient and compliant solution.

How it works - for the Contractor

1. Access the online LMS portal with the link provided by the employer and create your new account using your email address or mobile number

2. Select the type of induction you need to complete (e.g. visitor, short term contractor, permanent employee) and follow the development plan which has been set for you which can be made up of required induction courses, procedures, video inductions, quizzes and more

3. Upon completion, you will be presented with a certificate and an induction card (which can be stored on your smartphone) as evidence that you have successfully completed the induction. This will be automatically stored against your profile in INX

How it works - for the Company

1. We will set up your branded LMS portal and configure a selection of induction types



4. You provide your contractors with a link to self-register and complete the required information (they also have the ability to upload documentation such as licenses)

2. You create SCORM compliant content for your online courses which can include videos, presentations, PDF documents and more. Our team can also build this for you if required.

5. You will be notified when a contractor has completed their registration and you can then review and approve the new profile and their uploaded documents.

3. You select which Compliances, Procedures, Documentation and other content is relevant to each of the induction types



6. A profile will automatically be created in INX for future management of their safety, training, competencies and travel in INX InControl, INX InTuition and INX InFlight

The Benefits of the INX Contractor Mobillisation solution

Create your own induction content

The SCORM compliant packages offered with INX +LMS means your team can create as much content as they like for any role. Requirements for any job can be updated at any time so that contractors can ensure their training plan is up to date without you having to go back to them.

Ensure greater compliance

By capturing the required documentation and tracking the status of all contractor training plans, you can ensure your company always has up-to-date evidence of compliance. This also means more accurate reporting and confidence that gaps will not be identified during audits.

Automatically created profiles

Once a contractor completes the self-registration process, an INX person profile will be created which can be used going forward to manage everything across safety, training, competencies, compliances, travel, accommodation, health, mobilisation, hygiene and more thanks to the integrated nature of the INX solution.

Free up your resources

Thanks to the automation of the process, you no longer have to allocate hours and multiple people to validating the contractor requirements. With INX +LMS, your team can focus less on the administration and more on the proactive management and change improvements.

All managed securely online

Documentation can be securely uploaded by the contractor online and this will be automatically stored against their profile across the integrated INX database. This means whether your safety, training, HR or travel team need information about the contractor, it is there for them to see. It also means any updates made are seen across all teams.

From hours to minutes

No more back and forth with contractors, simply provide them with a link to self-register and allow them to complete all their requirements online.

INX's Contractor Mobilisation solution not only saves us a tonne of time from an administrative point of view but also makes the entire process so much quicker for the contractors we work with

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