Aid quarantine and site evacuation plans with rapid reporting on travel movements and rosters.

INX InFlight

Keeping people on site safe and mitigate productivity loss due to absenteeism

  • Manage rapid and evolving changes in rosters for preventative measures or should an outbreak on-site occur
  • Identify travellers and movements over the last 14 days. This is so travellers who require self-isolation can be precluded from accommodation arrangements
  • Mandatory quarantine schedules can be applied across site rosters and accommodation schedules to automate a new set of rosters and bookings

Get immediate visibility on

  • Travel movements for the last 14 days
  • Staff currently onsite
  • Random testing reporting and run sheets

Specific features for site demobilisation

  • Flight manifests, travel plans and mobile text notifications
  • Ability to setup emergency flights and en-masse demobilisation for large groups of people
  • Camp and room cleaning management
  • Role planning reports to assist with ensuring essential roles onsite are covered in the event of a shutdown
  • Commercial flight bookings for seamless mobilisation are directly available through InFlight via an integration with Serko

Specific features to assist after an outbreak

  • Applying compliances rules to ensure fitness for return to work
  • Emergency remobilisation flights for recovery operations
  • Immediate roster planning

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INX InFlight

Improve productivity and reduce costs by managing all Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) requirements across rosters, travel, and accommodation in one central location.