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We're an international, enterprise-scale, browser and mobile-capable solution, built for industries around the world. With state-of-the-art technology, we make a difference in logistics, safety, competence, compliance, health, obligations and the environment. Our workforce management software is built in Australia and distributed internationally, providing a solution that reduce risks, improves communication and raises productivity among workers. At INX, we strive to produce enterprise management systems that are well-engineered, easy to use, and elegantly simple. Our single focus is to develop intelligent workforce management systems that support our clients, and their business objectives.

Since implementing INX we have eliminated duplication by more than 80% when it comes to risk and safety information. Thanks to INX we have greater visibility and processes in place to better manage our risk and increase our compliance with both company and legislative requirements. I strongly recommend INX for it's ease of use, assurance and productivity enhancements.

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Trusted by SMEs to Fortune 500 companies in over 23 countries and 20 industries


Simplify your day-to-day tasks and requirements in one central solution

Report incidents, injuries and risks
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Request flight bookings
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Request training & courses
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Capture stakeholder communications
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Complete environmental sample runs
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Complete health evaluations
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Submit change requests & ideas
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Manage onboarding & mobilisation
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Ensure compliance, assurance and accountability with our easy to use and affordable solutions

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