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INX InFlight is travel management software that automates and centralizes bookings of travel, accommodation and rosters with complete visibility pushed through to each individual’s phone and tablet device.

An important activity of project administration is to manage the booking of employees and contractors on to transport (flights, buses, cars, boats, helicopters) and into rooms in work camps, based on both work rosters and ad hoc travel and accommodation requirements.

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INX InFlight is a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) travel management software database system that can manage the movement of employees and contractors using any method of transportation across air, land and sea.

INX InFlight is widely used by companies across Australia and overseas to manage rosters, transportation and rooms. Once the rosters are set up, transportation and rooms are automatically assigned, and can be manually adjusted in response to ad hoc changes and employee/contractor movements.

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Reduce admin time and costs

Managing rosters, flights and accommodation for each individual is an arduous and time-consuming task. INX InFlight simplifies this process through centralizing and automating these tasks, saving time and money.

Flagged errors

When booking and coordinating travel and movements for a whole workforce, errors are bound to occur. Instead of waiting to hear that a flight wasn’t booked or accommodation was overbooked, INX InFlight will flag any issues at the time of booking, giving you time to fix them.

Manage site shutdowns

Site shutdowns are time-consuming processes that require the selection, allocation and booking of specific individuals’ roster, travel and accommodation records. The INX InFlight travel management software allows for the creation of favourites lists (e.g. shutdown crews) so that bookings can be completed efficiently as a group, saving significant time and frustration.

Charging to cost centers

Tracking and reporting the flight and accommodation costs of contractors is a complex task. INX InFlight lets administrators assign cost centers to employees and contractors so that reports can be easily generated and sent to relevant companies and employers.

Automated reports and graphs

Generating reports is often a time-consuming and error-prone process carried out in spreadsheets. INX InFlight provides granted users with a range of reporting and graphing tools which can be used to export reports and graphs at scheduled times.

Arrival and departure information

Tracking where all employees and contractors are at the one time is normally impossible. INX InFlight lets administrators see the travel and roster details of all employees through a live daily activity status table.

Emergency evacuations

Onsite emergency evacuations require quick action and management. Manual systems don’t allow for this required visibility which poses a major risk to operations. The evacuation list within INX InFlight provides the immediate whereabouts and details of all staff to ensure peace of mind.

Manage rotations with ease

Administrators typically have to manage roster synchronizations (e.g. fly-in-fly-out) manually. InFlight manages both the roster seed date (when the roster begins) and employee start dates to automatically synchronize multiple rosters at once to ensure everyone is where they should be when they need to be.

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Multi-leg travel bookings

Travel isn’t always as simple as booking one flight. INX InFlight allows you to manage multi-leg travel bookings all in the one transaction saving you time and reducing the chance of error.

View your roster and travel details from your phone

Having such a mobile workforce usually results in information being lost or forgotten. The INX InFlight mobile application lets your employees and contractors (and families) view their flights, accommodation and roster details all from their phone or tablet device.

3rd Party Integrations

INX is often integrated with third party tools and programs to automatically update relevant information where required in the product as part of our projects. Successful integrations mean that system administrators can avoid entering the same data into multiple systems and speed up routine data level tasks, saving significant time and money.

INX and Serko - better together

Serko Online is Australasia’s leading online booking tool for large organisations. The Online Booking Tool (OBT) allows travel administrators and travelers to book flights, accommodation and hire cars anywhere in the world through an easy-to-use web interface. 

Serko Online also supports powerful Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) booking functionality that allows FIFO administrators to book hundreds of commercial flights simultaneously using an Excel-based import template. 



With booking automation, organisations in the mining, energy and resources sector can dramatically cut costs and improve productivity. Serko has worked closely with INX Software to deliver an integrated booking back-end for INX InFlight, called INX +TMX.

With INX +TMX, organisations can synchronise traveller profiles, automate flight bookings, receive immediate confirmation and allow travellers to review their flight and travel itinerary via the INX InFlight mobile application.



Once flight bookings are confirmed by Serko Online, INX InFlight is automatically updated and employees and contractors are able to review their roster, accommodation and flight itineraries, inclusive of commercial flights.

By using INX +TMX, organisations reduce booking time, save on transaction fees and dramatically streamline the process of managing FIFO rosters.

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