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The INX InForm Outlook tool can be set up in minutes and connects directly to your INX InForm database.

Introducing the new INX InForm Outlook tool.

This exciting addition to INX InForm provides users with a convenient and simplified means for managing stakeholder and communication records that ensures greater visibility and accuracy of stakeholder activity and performance.

The INX InForm Outlook tool can be set up in minutes and connects directly to your INX InForm database.

Users can now submit email communications directly to the INX InForm database by simply capturing information by type, sentiment and method and linking this to stakeholder profiles, topics and obligations.

Once the communication record is saved, it will be flagged to ensure duplication doesn’t occur. Users also have the option to edit/update the communication record should changes need to be made.

If the stakeholder doesn’t already exist in the database, users can create a new stakeholder profile directly within Outlook. All information submitted through the Outlook tool is immediately available from within INX InForm.

Speak to our Compliance team today to learn more, request a demonstration or access a free trial of INX InForm and the INX InForm Outlook tool.

INX InForm Outlook Tool - As simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Select the stakeholder email communication that you wish to save

2. Add the communication using the built in INX tool

3. Link the communication to the relevant stakeholder profile and submit

The benefits of the INX InForm Outlook Tool

Installed in minutes

The INX InForm Outlook Tool can be installed on your device in minutes meaning you and your team can start experiencing the benefits right away.

Capture more communications

With the ability to upload the stakeholder communication directly from Outlook in seconds you'll have more information being captured by more people.

Improve visibility

By simplifying how stakeholder communications are captured across the organisation, management gets a clearer view of the true status of stakeholder satisfaction and activity.


Deploying to employee email accounts ensures ease of use by allowing staff to capture important stakeholder information without needing to log into the database.

Security protection

All saved stakeholder communications are securely managed in accordance with your user security role within INX InForm.

Increase accuracy

No more spreadsheets double handling to update the central communications register. By capturing the exact information sent and received in an email you will be working with 100% accurate information.

The INX InForm Outlook Tool allows us to get more accurate insight into the true state of our stakeholders satisfaction. Tracking every bit of communication has always been difficult and we have traditionally done so through a spreadsheet which opened us to human error and meant there was far less visibility. This update now allows everyone to capture communications as they are happening which has improved our overall performance.

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